Things To Keep In Mind Before A Cosmetic Surgery

If you are planning to look into cosmetic surgery, then I am sure that you will have several doubts and questions in your mind regarding the whole procedure, its effects and the expenditure. Here are some of the things that you should be completely aware of before considering cosmetic surgery.


  • The credentials of your cosmetic surgeon: even before you meet with a surgeon, cosmetic surgery calls for a commitment. Therefore it is always recommended that you proper research, (preferably online or ask around) and narrow down your choice of surgeons depending on your needs. Once you have selected your top candidates, make sure that you interview at least three of them on phone or in person. This kind of extensive research will definitely have a great impact on your final choice.
  • Results that you expect from your cosmetic surgery: the basic thing that you should consider while considering cosmetic surgery is the expected result. Most probably you expect to look better and thus you anticipate feeling better psychologically. Though it is true that you may achieve all this, be aware of the fact that it cannot turn you into a new person and that it cannot change your life completely. Thus, it is always better if you discuss your expectations and hopes with family, friends and your surgeon before you sign up for the process.
  • Cost of the cosmetic surgery: cost plays a very big role in your final decision. The costs of these surgeries vary widely, but you can get an average price in your locality or in your state from the internet. Remember that high cost doesn’t always mean that the surgeon is extremely good and that you will have excellent results and that low cost will give you cheap results. The better way to select the surgeon will be to choose based on the skills and qualifications of the concerned surgeon. Cost should be just a secondary factor.
  • Which cosmetic surgery procedure to select: deciding on the cosmetic surgery package that will suit your needs is a difficult process. For instance, you may feel that you need a complete face lift when really an eyelift can give you the desired results. Similar for a specific procedure, there might be several surgical approaches and you may find it difficult to select the one that you need.
  • Possible side effects of the cosmetic surgery: before you sign up for a particular cosmetic surgery procedure, you should be well aware of the side effects and the possible risks. For many procedures, the most common side effects are bruising, swelling and discomfort. If severe side effects like excessive scarring and infection persist, then you should definitely consult your surgeon again.
  • Recovery period after cosmetic surgery: in most cases, a cosmetic surgery procedure will need at least a few days of recovery time. Some procedures even require several months before the results actually start showing and becomes evident. You will have to ask your surgeon regarding how long it will take you to return back to your normal activities after the surgery.


Breast Augmentation For Useful As Well As Aesthetic Purposes

Prosthesis to correct breast size and shape is known as breast implant or breast augmentation. Breast enhancement or augmentation is a cosmetic surgery mainly done for aesthetic needs. It is also known as augmentation mammaplasty. Women who seek fuller breasts or enlargements go for breast implants. The procedure is also done to reinstate volume and firmness of breasts due to pregnancy or after weight decrease. The time taken for recovery after breast augmentation differs from one woman to another.


The two kinds of breast augmentation methods are sub-glandular breast implants and sub- pectoral placements. In sub-glandular breast implants, implants are placed above the muscle while in sub- pectoral placements, the implants are placed under the muscle. Recovery time for the former is one month, and for the latter it takes four months for complete recovery. This is because in sub- pectoral placements, the muscle is required to stretch to lodge the implant. The time for breast augmentation recovery varies according to age, body shape and health of a woman.


The days after surgery can be quite painful. Ice packs and cold compresses are advised by physicians to get relief from pain. Drains are placed after surgery to drain collected fluids from surgical area. If the fluid holds there, it can cause pain and discomfort. Doctors prescribe pain killers for the tired patient after surgery. There will be noticeable swellings on the breasts. Within a few days the gauze dressings will be removed and in 7-10 days the stitches will be taken off. During the first few weeks, breasts will be very sensitive due to which physical contact should be avoided. After the lapse of a month, patient can recommence strenuous activities and workouts.


The scar of the incision will be pink and very much visible. However, in about two months it will begin to fade and within several months will fade significantly. The scars, nevertheless, do not disappear totally. The visibility of the scars will depend very much on the expertise of the surgeon who does the surgery. If done by a plastic surgeon with skilled hands, the scars will be rarely visible.


Mastopexy, a plastic surgery done to lift breasts also are similar to breast augmentation surgery. The recovery time for both surgeries is about the same. The recovery time depends greatly on how you follow your doctor’s advice. The instructions of the surgeon should be followed religiously as negligence can cause serious consequences. Asymmetry of breasts, nerve damage, infection, leaks from implant, bleeding and displacement can happen if not proper care is given after surgery. Recovery time is till you are perfectly comfortable with your altered breasts. Breasts may not at all look the way you expected after surgery, however, within two months the results will show.


Breast augmentation surgery though expensive is done world wide. The surgery improves self esteem and confidence of women who had been victims of teasing and distress due to their not-so-pleasing shape. Initially, only celebrities and heroines attempted the surgery, but now women from all countries and cultures are going for it.

Cosmetic surgery and money making

Look, go to the Web and look up something innocent that you might want information on, such as breasts, or large size, or BBW’s, or breast reduction. What you will get from your search is a lot of stuff put out by people who are trying to make money. In the case of breasts, you will be inundated by the damn porno industry offerings, which have done their own share of information bias and social pollution.


If you look up breast reduction, you will find mostly (well over 90%) of the so called data is put out by PS’s, who are interested in providing only the information, and only the depth of information, that is needed to sell their services. I find this a real pain, since every one of them provides only superficial information and leaves out various information that women who are considering this need to know, as it could have an impact on the rest of their lives, since breast reduction surgery does create a permanent and major alteration in the body structure.


In order to find information that is not profit approved, one must go to more sophisticated Boolean searches that will filter out most of this profit orientated data enough to uncover any opinions presented by real people that aren’t PS’s. My filters exclude words that are commonly used by medical cliques, but even then, I get a majority of hits that are of PS origin. The fact that it is the profit orientated “information” that is mostly available should not be very surprising to anyone that takes a look at modern reality.


And if you think about it, you will realize that the flux of profit orientated information will overwhelm and inhibit non profit information, and quite likely will act, in totality, to suppress data that could in theory have a negative effect on these profits. Unless, of course, you have a strong bias in favor of your own opinion which happens to conform to profit manufactured information biases of the PS industry.

Breast augmentation=breast enlargement

Breast enhancement=an operation done to build the shape and support of the breasts, which can be any type of boob job. breast lift=a breast enhancement that does everything a breast reduction does, but only on the outside of the breast so that size is preserved. breast lifts are often done at the same time as the insertion of implants.


They are not very popular because they leave lots of scars. breast implants=manufactured artifacts that are inserted for the purpose of adding inner volume to the breasts. Breast implants are used primarily for augmentation and reconstructive surgery on the breast, but they are being increasingly used for various forms of breast enhancement *cosmetic* breast reduction = breast reduction done for the sake of improving the looks. Patient must pay for this in full. *reconstructive* breast reduction = breast reduction done on the advise of at least one Md. Patient does not have to pay for this, and will usually get it covered by a public agency (eg, insurance) as long as she claims back pain, whether or not this is actually the case.


breast reconstruction=usually used to refer to rebuilding the breasts after treatment for breast cancer, unless the context is breast reduction, in which case it refers to that. nipple relocation=when the surgeon removes the nipples and then reattaches them somewhere where, biologically speaking, they don’t belong. Done with breast reduction *or* breast lifts. Breast reductions and breast lifts do the same things on the visible (outer) part of the breast pedicle=surgeoneze for a strip of flesh. In small breast reductions, the nipples stay attached through a pedicle.


In big breast reductions, the nipples are completely amputated and then reattached, although the surgeon cannot reattach the nerves and glands to it. shapers=breast implants when they are used for breast enhancement. ptosis=”sagging breasts”, and the “shape deformities” it can cause, defined as a “medical term”, in hopes that insurance companies and doctors will fully support breast enhancement. mammary hypertropy= “breasts too large” a “medical term” meaning that the breasts are too large for the standards of the PS industry, which is composed of “doctors.”

Fading of breast reduction scars after surgery

The line about scars fading is the same as the lies spread by the most obvious breast reduction shill on Usenet, who called himself pug-mom. This guy would promote fallacious notions like there is an advance in the surgery that preserves nipple sensation. Actually, the surgery severs and destroys nerves and glands. Total sensation potential of the nipples will be reduced according to the amount of nerve damage that occurs.


However, shills can, and do, say precisely the opposite of the truth, all to promote the easy profits of breast reduction surgery.. Most breast reductions are done on overweight women. The idea here is to play on the reality that breast size in a standard population is correlated with body fat content, so that therefore, the place to go to get the most breast reduction profits is the group of overweight women.


Then, these women are encouraged to be completely ignorant of the relation between breast size and body fat. They are told that one breast size, independent of the actual size of the body, is good for all. This opens up a very large profit demographid for breast reduction, with virtually all, by a factor of ten or twenty, being done on overweight women. Analysis of breast shill posts on usenet shows that none of the advocates of breast reduction mention the correlation between body fat and large breasts, as a general rule, they quote that someone has or had large breasts with absolutely no mention of the overal body size.

Breast reduction and breast augmentation

There are *more* breast reduction recipients than breast augmentation recipients. Most of these women cite several non medical reasons to get the reduction. Too much attention, bras that don’t fit, or difficulty shopping for apparel, posture problems, social problems (such as stares or comments from people), self-esteem issues, thinking that they look bad in some way, a feeling of not fitting in or freakishness.


There is even a strange and very common belief that breast reduction is some kind of diet aid: note that diet or size acceptance newsgroups get the greatest number of these testimonials. Going to articles and websites and surveys, we see that of all the reasons women generally cite for getting breast reduction, the medical reasons don’t start until halfway down the list! Yet more than nine out of ten of these manage to get their operations paid for by the HMO’s! Sorry, but I smell hypocrisy here…big time. And something better be done about it.


Can you imagine defining the relief of one pain as valid, and another as not? Can you imagine defining one persons pain as meaningful and another as not? This is prejudice, bigotry, discrimination. It is unjust, elitist, totally unfair, nothing but a method of abuse.


It’s like saying that a poor person must be held responsible for her crime of perjury but the rich and powerful politician gets to get away with it anytime he wants. It’s like saying that Suzy, who has back pain due to big breasts, but has a strong back and has no disease, just pain, gets a free breast reduction, but Sally, who has pain every time she walks, can’t get her operation to relieve it, because she can still walk, she just has pain.

The role of media in increased breast reduction

Actually, breast reduction, thanks to the work done by the media shills begun at the beginning of the nineties, has a very special status. Meaning that just because it is *breast reduction*, insurance will pay for it. But the amount of money being put out for breast reduction by insurance companies is so huge, half a billion dollars (exceeding the total expenditures in the US for augmentations) that other people, with serious chronic pain problems that they cannot blame on breasts, are being *denied*.


Potentially, the insurance companies now face billions of dollars in potential lawsuits from these others, should they wake up and discover the connection. Of course, the insurance companies know all about this. The major promotion of breast reduction is done by the medical community in the US. The doctors have such a high status that the insurance companies are forced to go along with this, in the belief that they are concurring with public opinion.


Furthermore, thanks to AMA endorsement, the sympathies of the legal community is engaged. Meaning that when it comes to BR, the courts will decide in favor of the surgeons every time, even if they have truly damaged the patient. It can be very humiliating to discover that if anything went wrong, the system will inevitably decide that it is the patients fault. In one case, it meant that the patient was sent to jail, in spite of the fact that she had been clearly mislead by trusted medical professionals. Anything to protect the doctors promoting this PS product, even the sacrifice of individuals.

Techniques used by the cosmetic surgeons

Certain surgeon uses the technique of placing the implants behind the pectoral muscle. This technique hides the edges of the implants (producing a better cosmetic result), provides the breast with a built in brassier, which is the pectoral muscles and with the sub pectoral technique there is less risk of capsular contractual, the number one side effect of breast augmentation surgery.


Capsular contractual produces firm or hard breasts, which would make you wish you had stuck with prosthetic. Anyone who touches them would know that you have implants, if they were to harden. So reduce your risk. Ask lots of questions. Of course only saline filled implants are used today. But, ask lots of questions about the thickness of the silicone shell.


It turns out that the silly manufacturers make a variety of shell thicknesses and qualities. Really makes you wonder doesn’t it? So urge your surgeon to use the thickest shell wall model available, with the most reliable saline insertion closure she knows of. On rare occasions, saline implant closures have been known to pop open in situ and deflate.


My discomfort is very similar to GG born with small breast. It probably an extension of the competitive nature that is programed in us as youths. Men compete with big muscles, in sports with money. woman compete in looks (I know that this is a generalization but I’m trying to keep this posting from running into a small novel like the last one). Before most of us started we had images of the type of woman would like to look like and I think I am safe saying that most of us at one time or another wished would be able to look like a model or a beautiful actress.

Questions on surgical genital exchange

When I first started transition all I wanted to do was have them cut off as fast as possible but since then I have done a lot of frowning (I only wished my chest matched my other growth but it hasn’t and thus my question arouse). After several years of living full time I came to the realization that I don’t need SRS to become a complete woman I already have in the most important way in my mind where it really counts.


It seems to me that for some reason that TS are programed to have have to strive for SRS above all else and I to suffered from this when I started but as the years passed I have come to realize that their is something much more important to me at least and that is my every day life. Just because I have the wrong plumbing between my legs doesn’t make me any less of a woman and I can live with this difference as I have done all my life. After 4 years I have found out that what I wanted needed the most was the social interaction of being female not the genitals and not sex.


Lets be honest with ourselves for a minute just how often does the genitals between your legs truly effect your day to day life when interacting with society in general. The truth of the matter is not very often. Yes it affects you because you know it’s their but unless you advertise it no one else truly knows what in under your clothing but your external appearance does affect you every day of your life.


If you look and act as a woman that is how you are treated. If you look like a man trying to be a woman then you are treated differently, it doesn’t matter one bit if you are GG or SRS. People will treat you different if you external appearance doesn’t fit within certain limits. Yes I know of GG who could pass as Mt-of Ts and yet their are still female but ask any one of them they will tell you that they are treated different then a beautiful GG or Ts

Breast implants and liposuction

Breast implants look okay, or not, depending on the work and the person. Lip stuffing, pec stuffing, butt stuffing make me want to stay away. Breast reductions are almost always hideous, and fat. Penis cosmetic surgery, including circumcision, does not deserve the respect of tribal mutilation rituals, it is outlandish that the med community got away with preying on male sexual organs, for profit. Some of the “skin work” that cosmetic surgeons do now is functionally akin to covering yourself with scar tissue. Liposuction is wonderful, but you can die on the operating table.

Nose jobs are a real shame, because I personally love a good nose on the right face. Facelifts are addictive over time, and over time, they will turn your face to stone. While you may not experience problems now you might have jaw issues down the road, so I say that you should go for it. And good luck! I am not against people doing what they deem as warranted to improve their looks. I think it is an individual thing and the person has a right to want to look how they feel is right for them to be comfortable in their body. I don’t think it is an ego thing to want to look your best. You only get one body, might as well have it be the best you can.

When I tell people about the braces, invariably they tell me how great it is that I’m doing something to fix a cosmetic problem that has been bothering me (even though many of the same people can’t see why I’m so bothered by it). No one ever asks if there is a functional problem with my teeth or jaw; they all just assume that I’m looking for dental perfection. It made me wonder what their reactions would be if I said instead that I was getting breast implants or some other kind of cosmetic surgery. I imagine that I wouldn’t get the same reaction.