Different Ways Of Breast Enhancement

Professional success and concerns about appearance makes many women go for breast enhancement. We can find around a lot of people around who worry a lot about the size and shape of their breast. There are different methods to improve the size of the busts. There are both natural as well as complicated medical methods. One of the ways that most of the women who need sudden changes in their busts is to go for cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is a preferable method as it takes less time to find changes. But it is considered to be risky. Moreover often it doesn’t bring the desired result. As a result women go for more natural methods. Even the consumption of pills brings in good results. Breast enhancement pills are usually the combination of different herbs like fenugreek, Mexican wild yam, blessed thisle, saw palmetto, fennel, Dong Quai and damiana.


These herbal ingredients contain plant estrogen which makes the breast tissues to grow as during the time of puberty. As it is a natural product the side effects will be considerably less.  Experiences prove that result can be expected within two months while using the pills for enhancing your breast. Some people even use this pill for a longer time as this often brings some other positive changes in the body. The use of these herbal pills has other advantages like lower cost and fewer side effects. On the other hand the surgical method is very costly and may not turn out to be successful most of the time.


Another method of breast enhancement is the use of certain creams and lotions. This won’t prove helpful if used alone. But if the lotions and creams are used along with pills and exercise it will prove helpful. These creams work like the pills. These creams contain a lot of herbs as in the pills. It contains fewer chemicals. These lotions or creams enable the growth of the fat cells in the breast and even in the other parts of the body. This will help in the growth of the breast. With the use of these the breast will also turn out to be smooth and firm. Thus it will not only enlarge your breast but also helps in improving your look.


Another best preferred natural method of breast enhancement is regular exercising. This method is cheapest of all as well. But in order to achieve best results with this method it is necessary to do a lot of hard work and dedicate your self completely. Only regular exercising can bring the best results. There are different types of exercises which you can learn from a trainer. These exercises have to be done on flat surface and you will have to do it in a sportswear. You should be very careful while exercising as it can often hurt your muscles. You can either do the exercises regularly or at least three times a week for better results. It will also help you in improving your posture.


It is better to go for the natural means for breast enhancement. The result might come slowly but the method will be cheaper and will have fewer side effects.

Powerful cosmetic surgery industry

Currently, the PS industry has a powerful ally in the medical industry. Unfortunately, in spite of the powerful propaganda, the decade long promotions, the information propagated by the PS and medical industry can be shown, on standard scientific peer review, to be scientifically groundless.


Furthermore, thanks to the publication of medical shill studies by PS affiliates, the pattern of misinformation and bias can be fully documented under review by psychologists, social scientists, and other individuals that have knowledge of the nature of propaganda techniques and other methods of information bias. This means that the entire PS developed, medically sponsored PS industry is built on a house of cards, regardless of how well entrenched it has become.


It is therefore quite logical that the legal responsibility for the iatrogenic damage caused by the breast reduction industry in the US should, justly, fall on the hands of the doctors who are responsible, not the insurance companies who were forced (by the system) to go along with this. Judging by history, it is quite possible that the PS/medical industry faction will attempt to render the insurance companies as a scapegoat so that they (PS) can be shielded from the consequences. Allowing this to happen would be a legal atrocity.


PS/medical industry sponsorship of this breast reduction money machine has already created major distortions in information, and has taken license to a degree that is virtually unprecedented. Allowing scapegoating to occur, as it did in 1991, will assure that the crimes of deception in the name of industrial profit will be further condoned by society, and will pave the way for the continued and greater growth of this variety of white collar, elitist led crime.

Breast size should be proportional to your height

I’m 5’3″ and just about the same size. Bra buying is a bitch and back problems are common. A friend of mine, 4 inches shouter than I, was a 45 H. Her doc recommended a breast reduction to ease her chronic back pain, but the insurance co wouldn’t cover it until she lost at least 75lbs because her weight was was in the ‘obese’ category.


Problem was *most* of that weight was in her breasts. It took her getting a second and third opinion to confirm that getting the breast reduction would take her out of ‘obese’ before the insurance co would pay. All the insurance co saw was a bunch of numbers, not the person needing the work. It seems that they’re second guessing doctors an awful lot. Another friend needed jaw surgery to correct a debilitating overbite.


The insurance wouldn’t pay. Why? Because it was the same procedure used to correct TMJ, which they didn’t cover. It took the *doctor* threatening to take them to court before they’d cough up the money. As per mom and gynecologist left breast 15 LB right breast 143/4 LB I am not female but i think almost thirty lb hanging off my chest day in and day out will give me back pain. addendum I can lift the front end of a chevy nova.


If mom was having back pain before and it went away after that to me is a pretty good trial. as for the ins industry doing anyone a favor why am i paying so much over time that i will not get back. thay profit in the long run I damn sure don’t.

Everyone undergoing breast enhancement needs medical assistance

Everyone involved in this situation deserves adequate medical care. However, this really will not be possible as long as the information available is based on profiting, as opposed to the whole truth. I am opposed to the information biasing that is going on in this field, and feel that it is having disastrous and destructive effects on individual human lives.


We have the right to make our own decisions, but *we must all bear the responsibility* for the consequences of our decisions on the rest of our lives. It is impossible for anyone to make right decisions if they are made to ignore any important aspect of reality. This is a good observation tho. Logically, I would not be a medical shill, b/c no loyal worker in the field would ever risk burying the medical industry in billions of dollars of lawsuits from iatrogenic diseases that the infrastructure manages to sweep under the carpet.


Frankly, I don’t like this thought either, b/c medical insurance, medical care, is way too high as it is, and the American version of public health care sucks as it is. The other suggestion, that I am employed by insurance companies, was made some time ago by a busy PS (that occasionally dabbles in bringing in more of his breast reduction business by pretending to be a woman who had the surgery early in ’99). I found this interesting. In my analysis, spectrum137 could logically be an agent of the insurance companies *if and only if* we assume an *actual conspiracy* of the American insurance industry.


The insurance industry is (somewhere within their data banks) aware of the situation, and it is a most critical one, a complete “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.” Furthermore, the medical insurance industry in the US is a victim here, originally conned into it like so many others, and they did not themselves make any profit at all from cooperation. It is quite logical that the I industry sees severe danger in this situation, and might employ an agent to diffuse the matter in a fashion that *protects them* from dibilitating lawsuits.

Dangers in breast reduction surgery

Furthermore, many of the problems created by breast reduction surgery are related to the obscuring the knowledge of the fat/breast size relation. For example, a woman who is fat all over, is, in the breast reduction promotional efforts, made to feel that it is specifically her breasts that are over large. If her ass is fat, her face is fat, her arms are fat, her back is fat, her upper abdomen is fat, it is certainly not surprising that her breasts will be fat.


But in the shills that started in 1992 (magazine articles, celebrities like Roseanne) the word was sent out that anything bigger than a D (such as DD and beyond) was the symptom of abnormality, and no mention at all was made of body fat content. Hence, the shills took advantage of body image issues related to fat and breast size to promote their surgery, using overweight women as the primary demographic.


Obviously, if they were to build an industry of breast reduction that matched the profits of breast implants, they needed a similar sized pool of potential clients to perform this on. If you are dealing with a population of women of healthy body fat, the small breasted women (potential clients for breast augmentation) will be many, many times the number of really big breasted ones, so there is no way on earth that the business profits of reductions will match those of augmentations.


In order to make the reduction profits match or exceed the augmentation profits (as has been the case in USA since the early shills of 1992), it was necessary to exploit the overweight women fully, and this was done by declaring *all big breasts as bad, regardless of body fat content*.

Exploitation through breast reduction

This was added to by the mythology that “breast reductions are beneficial to the goal of weight loss”, along with a wholesale repression of the world of major deformities and problems that result from breast reduction with regards to the specific matter of body fat related issues.


For example, while the PS industry promoted the advantages of breast augmentation in increasing the level of female attractiveness, no details were provided on the effect on female attractiveness of the exact opposite,breast reduction, on the same kind of female attractiveness, in particular its effect on the overweight women that it exploits. I have never had a doctor or anyone else try to influence me into getting a breast reduction. Spectrum must do a search every day in deja for the words breast reduction and then post to those groups. If you look at his posting history you will see he has a quite a fetish about them. Who knows, maybe he plays with himself while he hears the replies! LOL Stacy is right, he claims that there are shills here trying to get people to do breast reductions. However, he is too stupid to realize it is rarely discussed here and when it is, it is mostly people responding to his MCP views.


He also claims that his messages are cancelled even though they are archived for all to see! LOL It is quite interesting that it is OK for a woman to get implants and increase her boob size, but it is a sacrilege against the holy grail for a woman to wish to reduce overly large, painful breasts. You can bet that if men were capable of having balls so large that it through out their lower back. And so large that they couldn’t wear underwear with out feeling seriously crammed in and painful.


So immense that they would have bruises on their thighs form their balls slapping against them as they ran, walked, exercised etc. If sitting was uncomfortable and an erection was murder, testicle reduction would be a very hot surgery! The bottom line is that no one else has the right to tell you what to do with your body. It is YOUR body and YOU are the one who knows what it is,.like walking in your shoes, or bra for that matter.

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The impact of the breast augmentation industry

Of great importance is the way the PS industry, now resting on equal and opposite foundation of breast reduction and breast implants, serves to fully exploit the natural diversity of female body fat. By targeting the thin women for breast implants and big women for breast reduction, the PS propaganda machine has a huge bested interest in matters of fat and female body image.


Most illustrative is the early shill of famous fat lady Roseanne, which not only managed to obscure the numerous and serious risks associated fat fluctuation and post breast reduction surgery, but inaugerated the widespread mass of deception and folk mythology portraying breast reduction as an aid to weight loss. These lies, nurtured by the later shills that came, grew into agents of mass iatrogenic damages, leading the way to the targeting of overweight white women as a major demographic.


The full exploitation of overweight women was absolutely essential to provide the breast reduction industry with enough fodder to fully feed most of its profits, which since 1992 had to keep pace with the huge profit growths of the breast implant industry. This is cos there are actually far far fewer large breasted (relative to body fat content) women in the population than there are small breasted ones. The food of the breast implant monster (small breasted women) was vastly less abundant than the resource for that of breast reduction (big breasted women).


Mathematically, the breast reduction beast could never match the size and profit of the breast implants, unless the size of the breast reduction market could be artificially expanded using some kind of marketing hype. This was accomplished fully exploiting the overweight female body. Basically, and ideology was created that breast size was somehow independent of body fat, in crude terms, women were made to believe that if they were fat, and their various body parts (backs, bellies, hips, arms, face, legs) were fat, this was because they were fat, but if, at the same time, their breasts were fat, it was because they were too big breasted and required a breast reduction to correct it.

Breast augmentation prior to this decade

Prior to 1991, the now big and influential PS industry in America was supported on the single foundation of breast augmentation. Breast implants, done with the silicone gel that was said to have a more realistic feel than saline, were contributing to the economics of certain cities, such as Houston, much as they now do in LA *now*.


Breast implants were the candy of the surgeons, stimulating women to go in for other PS industry products. Then, in 1991, with the legal battlements, the manufacturer, Dow became the legal scapegoat for a back-load of *human suffering* that had been caused by industry. The PS’s however, thanks to the distraction of this now long bankrupt scapegoat, escaped scot free, with protections from their friends in the medical industry (PS’s are doctors, you know).


The only shortcoming for them was that the scandal had shrunk the breast augmentation business down to a third or so of what it had been in its glory days, and to save them from a drop of living, a new industry pillar was almost immediately erected. And thinks to an orchestrated cascade of breast reduction shills (agents or articles of deception designed to increase demand for a product) the quick fix of the breast reduction industry almost immediately made up for the profit shortfall.


Since the breast reduction brought in more money annually than total breast augmentation starting in only 1992, thereby more than doubling the money just brought in from implants, the act was successful…PS’s barely had to miss a payment on their Mercedes or half million dollar realist ate holdings.

Exploitation and cosmetic surgery industry

The study, which violated the major protocols of science, all in an intent to promote breast reduction surgery amongst young girls (a very successful promotion, if the nineties are evidence) was so blatant that it caused the major backlash against breast reduction that occurred three years ago.


A study aimed at exploiting young girls for breast reduction profits might have fooled some people, but others looked at it and decided it was time to question the medical establishment and industries right to manipulate and mine human lives for profit. Unfortunately, the propagandists that created this “breast reduction is good for young girls” campaign were living in an illusion that they could easily fool everyone with such junk science.


The ones that weren’t fooled were very alarmed that you guys would freely advocate the permanent lifelong damage of girls who trust in the authorities. BTW, independent scientists have found no evidence whatsoever that there is a *causal* connection between back syndrome and large breasts. More important issues are raised by meta studies of the so called studies of the PS funded researchers, which reveal overriding of scientific rigor on several counts.


Clearly, no study like that would fail to receive major peer review criticism if it were on anything other than breast reduction, yet the breast reduction studies can freely do these violations without drawing fire from the medical community. Meta research of these studies therefore leads to a clear hypothesis of causal connection between the promotion efforts of the PS industry and the promotion efforts of the medical industry.

Behavioral therapy and breast reduction

Another major break thru was in the use of behavioral psychology. As breast reduction swept thru the teen community, the artificial standards of breast size that were defined by the PS industry, as opposed to what was defined by nature, began to be considered normal. It was also seen that promotion of breast reduction was effectively accomplished thru punishments for having large breasts.


The negativity of large breasts could be repeated over and over again by authorities, and any persons who would display negativity toward big breasts would be rewarded. This convinced more and more young girls that the PS and medical community supported idea that big natural breasts were sick and freakish was the truth, and allowed them to be susceptible to breast reductions as advised by doctors and by individuals that accepted the authority of doctors.


Another perk was that in some communities where breast reduction in teen girls was accepted, the parents believed that it was a good idea to give their girls breast reduction lest their big breasts lead to psychological and sexual deviations in their development, as advocated by the doctors and the studies put out by reputable researchers paid by the PS’s. All these factors, combined with the persistent efforts of doctors, have been responsible for the fact that breast reduction is such a wonderful way to profit from the demographic of teen girls.


And use of teen girls as a profit demographic works very well, as the girls can be given breast reduction as if it were a normal right of passage. Since all women are young at some time, this assures that breast reduction is maximally employed amongst the group of all women in general. A similar type of thing would be male circumcision, which, by targeting the male infants ubiquitously, assures that the surgery effectively consumes the foreskins of the entire male population.