Breast size should be proportional to your height

I’m 5’3″ and just about the same size. Bra buying is a bitch and back problems are common. A friend of mine, 4 inches shouter than I, was a 45 H. Her doc recommended a breast reduction to ease her chronic back pain, but the insurance co wouldn’t cover it until she lost at least 75lbs because her weight was was in the ‘obese’ category.


Problem was *most* of that weight was in her breasts. It took her getting a second and third opinion to confirm that getting the breast reduction would take her out of ‘obese’ before the insurance co would pay. All the insurance co saw was a bunch of numbers, not the person needing the work. It seems that they’re second guessing doctors an awful lot. Another friend needed jaw surgery to correct a debilitating overbite.


The insurance wouldn’t pay. Why? Because it was the same procedure used to correct TMJ, which they didn’t cover. It took the *doctor* threatening to take them to court before they’d cough up the money. As per mom and gynecologist left breast 15 LB right breast 143/4 LB I am not female but i think almost thirty lb hanging off my chest day in and day out will give me back pain. addendum I can lift the front end of a chevy nova.


If mom was having back pain before and it went away after that to me is a pretty good trial. as for the ins industry doing anyone a favor why am i paying so much over time that i will not get back. thay profit in the long run I damn sure don’t.

The impact of the breast augmentation industry

Of great importance is the way the PS industry, now resting on equal and opposite foundation of breast reduction and breast implants, serves to fully exploit the natural diversity of female body fat. By targeting the thin women for breast implants and big women for breast reduction, the PS propaganda machine has a huge bested interest in matters of fat and female body image.


Most illustrative is the early shill of famous fat lady Roseanne, which not only managed to obscure the numerous and serious risks associated fat fluctuation and post breast reduction surgery, but inaugerated the widespread mass of deception and folk mythology portraying breast reduction as an aid to weight loss. These lies, nurtured by the later shills that came, grew into agents of mass iatrogenic damages, leading the way to the targeting of overweight white women as a major demographic.


The full exploitation of overweight women was absolutely essential to provide the breast reduction industry with enough fodder to fully feed most of its profits, which since 1992 had to keep pace with the huge profit growths of the breast implant industry. This is cos there are actually far far fewer large breasted (relative to body fat content) women in the population than there are small breasted ones. The food of the breast implant monster (small breasted women) was vastly less abundant than the resource for that of breast reduction (big breasted women).


Mathematically, the breast reduction beast could never match the size and profit of the breast implants, unless the size of the breast reduction market could be artificially expanded using some kind of marketing hype. This was accomplished fully exploiting the overweight female body. Basically, and ideology was created that breast size was somehow independent of body fat, in crude terms, women were made to believe that if they were fat, and their various body parts (backs, bellies, hips, arms, face, legs) were fat, this was because they were fat, but if, at the same time, their breasts were fat, it was because they were too big breasted and required a breast reduction to correct it.

Exploitation and cosmetic surgery industry

The study, which violated the major protocols of science, all in an intent to promote breast reduction surgery amongst young girls (a very successful promotion, if the nineties are evidence) was so blatant that it caused the major backlash against breast reduction that occurred three years ago.


A study aimed at exploiting young girls for breast reduction profits might have fooled some people, but others looked at it and decided it was time to question the medical establishment and industries right to manipulate and mine human lives for profit. Unfortunately, the propagandists that created this “breast reduction is good for young girls” campaign were living in an illusion that they could easily fool everyone with such junk science.


The ones that weren’t fooled were very alarmed that you guys would freely advocate the permanent lifelong damage of girls who trust in the authorities. BTW, independent scientists have found no evidence whatsoever that there is a *causal* connection between back syndrome and large breasts. More important issues are raised by meta studies of the so called studies of the PS funded researchers, which reveal overriding of scientific rigor on several counts.


Clearly, no study like that would fail to receive major peer review criticism if it were on anything other than breast reduction, yet the breast reduction studies can freely do these violations without drawing fire from the medical community. Meta research of these studies therefore leads to a clear hypothesis of causal connection between the promotion efforts of the PS industry and the promotion efforts of the medical industry.

Behavioral therapy and breast reduction

Another major break thru was in the use of behavioral psychology. As breast reduction swept thru the teen community, the artificial standards of breast size that were defined by the PS industry, as opposed to what was defined by nature, began to be considered normal. It was also seen that promotion of breast reduction was effectively accomplished thru punishments for having large breasts.


The negativity of large breasts could be repeated over and over again by authorities, and any persons who would display negativity toward big breasts would be rewarded. This convinced more and more young girls that the PS and medical community supported idea that big natural breasts were sick and freakish was the truth, and allowed them to be susceptible to breast reductions as advised by doctors and by individuals that accepted the authority of doctors.


Another perk was that in some communities where breast reduction in teen girls was accepted, the parents believed that it was a good idea to give their girls breast reduction lest their big breasts lead to psychological and sexual deviations in their development, as advocated by the doctors and the studies put out by reputable researchers paid by the PS’s. All these factors, combined with the persistent efforts of doctors, have been responsible for the fact that breast reduction is such a wonderful way to profit from the demographic of teen girls.


And use of teen girls as a profit demographic works very well, as the girls can be given breast reduction as if it were a normal right of passage. Since all women are young at some time, this assures that breast reduction is maximally employed amongst the group of all women in general. A similar type of thing would be male circumcision, which, by targeting the male infants ubiquitously, assures that the surgery effectively consumes the foreskins of the entire male population.

Adolescence and breast reduction

The question is, does this condition cause you intense pain? (either emotional or physical) Do you find it very difficult to function psychologically due to this condition? Is this condition contributing to neurotic syndromes? Is it acting as a handicap to your normal life functioning? Is this the prognosis of a medical doctor (a psychiatrist)? If so, then clearly, your insurance should cover liposuction to correct it.


It won’t of course, but this is not right. I am perfectly open minded to the notion that fat on the back can in theory cause psychological pain that is equal in magnitude to the physical pain that necessitates breast reduction. But a qualified representative of the medical community needs to clear this. I would tend though to believe that “fat backs” would in all likelihood not be considered a sufficient problem to be classed as medical, based on my experience with our current culture.


I can imagine exceptions, or even an alternative culture where this is considered so *important* that it *would* cause trauma and disability. My guess would be that small breastedness is not sufficient to entail a medical diagnosis on the basis of psychological condition, but flatchestedness is. Perhaps the fault lies in our culture. But how does this cure the individual who is susceptable to this pain? Surgery, it would seem, would be the most direct and reliable method of treating it.


And it works. Surgeons, and other observers, report a tremendous, immediate, and apparent relief of this type of burden in some breast augmentation recipients. A powerful transformation in attitude is really quite common. This has all the earmarks of a lifting of a great burden from the womans life, a burden that has tormented her since early adolescence.

Cosmetic surgery for biggery bra-size

First of all, I have not encouraged her to have this surgery. You apparently did not closely read my post. It is HER decision. I will not love her any more or less because of her breast size! I have shared with her on multiple occasions that I am happy with her body. It is she who is not pleased. You have to understand, my DW takes tremendous pride in the way she looks. You must try and imagine what it must feel like for her to have had sizable breasts and then lose them (almost totally).


If you don’t speak from experience on this issue, it may be difficult for you to comprehend. I am merely seeking opinions from other couples who may have addressed this issue. I am one of those very, very few women running around who needs a bra to have breasts! It has always been a real hard place for me to go. I was teased un-mercifully as a teenager by my father (what an ass) and brothers for my lack of breast tissue.


However, I have birthed and breast feed three boys. So at least size doesn’t dictate function :) . While I was breast feeding the joke was the only time I can wear decent clothes, I leak all over the damn things! Anyway, The thought of having larger breasts is a real tempter, believe me. My DH would surly like the way I looked in some clothes better, as would I.


But I have come to realize that the fear and pain would not be worth the risk of surgery to get a bigger bra size. I continue to work hard to not let my generic traits dictate my selfworth. Its hard and a screaming pity that this society is so sick that breast size evaluates worth.

Sex changing and breast augmentation

As with all of us the transition has been difficult but never greater then in one of the things we need the most money. As of this time even the thought of any kind of surgery has been way beyond my money means but now I have the possibility of getting enough money to have breast augmentation surgery but am having a problem finding a surgeon willing to perform the procedure. I am very passable in every respect except the fact that my breast development has been almost nil.


I have barely half an A cup and I’m tired of stuffing my bra. Their is more then enough doctors in my area that perform this proceedure but when I call to inquire about have this done and ask if they need anything special because I’m Ts the standard respond is “we don’t work with transsexuals”. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and found a way of dealing with it. I have made an appointment with a surgeon for a consultation without bring up the subject that I am a transsexual (I got tired of being brushed off without an explaination as to why). If I am to believe what people tell me I am competely passable (standard response is “I would never has guessed”) and I am finally beleiving it. When you run face to face with an old friend and they have no idea who you are it does great things to boost your confidence, but now back to the reason I’m writting.


I am hoping that after I sit down with the doctor for the consultation talk with him and then drop the bomb on him he might reconsider the standardized responds I have been getting over the phone. What I wanted to know is if this doesn’t work has anyone else found another way around the problem I’m having.


I have seen therapists and have one written report confirming that I am indeed a serious about my choice to change my sex (as if four year of full time living wasn’t proof enough) but I can’t even get into the front door. It’s very irriatating that any other women would be able to have this proceedure without a second thought on the surgeons part but because I was born with an Inny instead of an Outy I am being given the run around. I’m curious if anyone has an opinion on this policy being a form of discrimnation and possible legal action I might be able to take if the more reasonable means don’t work out.

Male and female surgeons for breast augmentation

Finding the right surgeon is job one and as you note–that’s a minefield of trolling through hype artists’ sales pitches Second–even if you think you’ve found a surgeon who fits the bill is his or her computer modelling a true reflection of what they can achieve in situ where the scalpel meets the skin. Third–are their ranking women surgeons doing this.


I’m sure some female surgeons are just as greedy or incompetent as their male counterparts– but somehow I think they might have more empathy and be prepared to to a serious analysis and do right. Being a guy my experience is limited because I don’t gravitate to the Baywatch cliche–big is NOT better and breasts out of proportion with the shoulder, torso, height, weight and other parameters are crucial morphological considerations. Age is a big factor as well–young women may made the incision when there is no clinical indication, whereas older women may have a more positive experience.


One difficulty arises when you say–could I just augment incrementally without going to extremes–Can I still have a natural look–breasts which are to high and rigidly horizontal may appeal to guys just out of Sing Sing but are maybe not the best choice (very individual judgement call but I think the cowboy plastic men are the most likely to want to be heroic–or maybe some of them are trying to create their own ideal with no reference to the subjects needs and desires). In this situation I would look for groups of women in the same situation to see what works and what doesn’t and develop a more subtle background knowledge to all the pluses and minuses.

Considering Breast Augmentation

A few questions for those who have had the Breast Augmentation.. I’ve surfed looking for real personal experiences, but mostly I just see hype from the Plastic Surgery industry and no real feedback from women.. First off I’m wondering if you still have sensation in the breast and the nipple. Second I’m wondering how they feel to the touch. I saw an presentation of the belly button procedure on Cable.. and they put the implant beneath the muscle.. after you’ve had this inflated balloon placed beneath the muscle how does it feel when you work out the chest muscles?


This is what I can tell you from my experience working for a plastic surgeon who does hundreds of implants a year. First, the sub muscular implants work better as they tend to prevent what is called the capsule of scar tissue around the implant. Second, this procedure also avoids cutting any of the milk ducts, thus allowing breast feeding. The implants do not really feel hard (I have touched them in real breasts) but you can feel them.


It depends on the type of implant (anatomical or round) and the size you get. The larger the implant, the more the skin has to stretch around it. Sensation in the breast and nipple does tend to disappear after surgery, but returns later on as the tissue heals. In some cases the loss of sensation is permanent. Remember that the implants only have a limited warranty, 20 years max. Eventually they have to be replaced, which requires more surgery at your expense.


The surgery is usually around $5000 US. It also depends on if a mastectomy (breast lift) is needed. The doc I work for usually does a lift, to make them “perkier.” I hope this answers some of your questions. I can send you brochures that are recommended by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This surgery is not to be considered lightly. See if you can find some women who have had it done. Speak with them and find out who their doctor is. If they are happy, they will gladly give you his/her name!

Breast reduction and augmentation

Women with breast reductions look vastly more terrible than women with augmentations. Especially in the group of fat white women. Some women lose weight, and then they think that their boobs are too big, so they get a breast reduction. Then they gain the weight back. They end up looking awful. Their figures look just awful. Their breasts look like floppy artificial breasts that are just kind of stuck on to their chest, or sometimes they distort the other way, stretching across the chest from armpit to armpit like little skinny burritos.


Then the funny looking cones or the long skinny burritos on their chests start to sag and droop faster than any natural breasts, leading to all sorts of bizarre shapes, like bats wings, or little droopy cone shapes that flop all over fat thorax. All sorts of bad stuff happens with this surgery. Nipples die and fall off. But the surgeons get to lie to people. And if the surgeons make a mistake, the patient can’t sue them. The woman is painted as the trouble maker.


The surgeons are protected by the doctors, who are the ones that promote the surgery. Even the breast lift that you get will tend to wear off. The breasts, after three years, can just kind of melt away. They become floppy and saggy. They sag way too much, and way too fast, compared to the size. A woman who gets a breast reduction ends up with smaller breasts, that are deformed, and saggy, like melted ice cream that flops all over their fat upper abdomen.