Breast Augmentation For Useful As Well As Aesthetic Purposes

Prosthesis to correct breast size and shape is known as breast implant or breast augmentation. Breast enhancement or augmentation is a cosmetic surgery mainly done for aesthetic needs. It is also known as augmentation mammaplasty. Women who seek fuller breasts or enlargements go for breast implants. The procedure is also done to reinstate volume and firmness of breasts due to pregnancy or after weight decrease. The time taken for recovery after breast augmentation differs from one woman to another.


The two kinds of breast augmentation methods are sub-glandular breast implants and sub- pectoral placements. In sub-glandular breast implants, implants are placed above the muscle while in sub- pectoral placements, the implants are placed under the muscle. Recovery time for the former is one month, and for the latter it takes four months for complete recovery. This is because in sub- pectoral placements, the muscle is required to stretch to lodge the implant. The time for breast augmentation recovery varies according to age, body shape and health of a woman.


The days after surgery can be quite painful. Ice packs and cold compresses are advised by physicians to get relief from pain. Drains are placed after surgery to drain collected fluids from surgical area. If the fluid holds there, it can cause pain and discomfort. Doctors prescribe pain killers for the tired patient after surgery. There will be noticeable swellings on the breasts. Within a few days the gauze dressings will be removed and in 7-10 days the stitches will be taken off. During the first few weeks, breasts will be very sensitive due to which physical contact should be avoided. After the lapse of a month, patient can recommence strenuous activities and workouts.


The scar of the incision will be pink and very much visible. However, in about two months it will begin to fade and within several months will fade significantly. The scars, nevertheless, do not disappear totally. The visibility of the scars will depend very much on the expertise of the surgeon who does the surgery. If done by a plastic surgeon with skilled hands, the scars will be rarely visible.


Mastopexy, a plastic surgery done to lift breasts also are similar to breast augmentation surgery. The recovery time for both surgeries is about the same. The recovery time depends greatly on how you follow your doctor’s advice. The instructions of the surgeon should be followed religiously as negligence can cause serious consequences. Asymmetry of breasts, nerve damage, infection, leaks from implant, bleeding and displacement can happen if not proper care is given after surgery. Recovery time is till you are perfectly comfortable with your altered breasts. Breasts may not at all look the way you expected after surgery, however, within two months the results will show.


Breast augmentation surgery though expensive is done world wide. The surgery improves self esteem and confidence of women who had been victims of teasing and distress due to their not-so-pleasing shape. Initially, only celebrities and heroines attempted the surgery, but now women from all countries and cultures are going for it.

Breast reduction as a result of liposuction

And I know a surgeon that, over a time, gave liposuction to his secretary, until she had had her entire body liposuction-ed. The surgeon discovered that the total liposuction had caused her to put on weight on her breasts (no where else to go) so he was glad to give her a breast reduction. Insurance was very glad to pay him fully to do the breast reduction that he himself had created the “need” for. Men seeking liposuction need also realize that liposuction can can gynocomastia, also known as bitch tits. BTW, PS’s do both breast reductions and breast augmentations.


Since these enterprises are in opposition surgeons generally do not promote large breasts. Instead they promote *standard size* breasts, and will tend at times to encourage women to get breast implants that are too small for their body. As a result of this and other misguidance, the most common size problem is disappointment with their breast implants being too small, not the other way around.


This kind of disappointment brings the woman around later to upgrade her size, which happens to make more money for the surgeon. Any woman who is larger than average frame and wants a decent boob job is well advised to go to a PS that *does not do breast reduction*, b/c otherwise the PS can misguide them, and is in all probability one who has virtually no skill or experience or potential for doing decent breast augmentations on larger sized women.


Out in Texas, where big implants are really hot, some PS’s avoid mentioning breast reduction in their advertisements, since some women actually realize that going to a breast reduction surgeon for a larger size breast augmentation is asking for trouble.

Breast augementation for the perfect figure

My close girlfriend, who was a double d and had a really sweet little figure, had the procedure done. she definitely needed it. she used to pay about $50 to have special size-reducing bras made and always wore baggy tops. i didn’t realize the emotional pain that she was in until she confided in me and showed me how disproportionate her body was. sometimes, husbands get scared when their wives initiate too much physical change. i don’t know, mine gets upset if i lose weight too fast(although, after this week, he has no cause for concern-oink,oink). i think they get threatened.


Just have him come to a consult with you and maybe the doctors can help him put aside some of his fears. good luck. do what gives you peace. There are other risks and complications of BR, and you should talk to you Plastic Surgeon about this. Every insurance company works differently, we don’ t have that problem here, I just needed a referral – do research on the internet, it is a valuable tool. There are internet groups out there for BR support.


My friend Les moderates one and she reads every message that comes through, keeping out the pervs (we had many problems at other groups) but she does an amazing job… which brings me to my next point, how you made a joke about guys with big balls… I’m not a man hater (for those who may write complaining about this)… but in all seriousness, I don’t care what men say about BR… When the day comes a guy carries two and a half pounds between his legs, then he has something to complain and say about

Promotor of breast augementation

The *primary agent of promotion* for the important breast reduction industry has been the *medical* industry. The seeds of medical industry promotion of the PS industry had been planted long ago, but in the glow of the breast reduction propaganda, able to get peoples sympathies while focusing on serious female self esteem problems, medical industry/PS industry partnership grew and grew, and with it the annual *insurance paid, free to patient* profits to PS’s for their esteemed services of “helping humanity.”


At its root, the entire enterprise is a fragile house of cards, since the claims of the medical industry, the basis of countless doctors presciptions for breast reduction have no scientific basis. From the beginning, the PS industry has relied on sophisticated shill techniques to create a common illusion that blames perfectly natural size of a woman’s breasts on a variety of illnesses, with back pain, supplemented by other problems, as the major symptom that powers the financial facilitation and promotion network of the medical PS industry partnership. A variety of methods, weaving behavioral science, information bias, multistage circular constructions of reality, and industry driven alterations of common perception based of social psychology, these have been used to evolve a manufactured “fact”.


A most compelling promotion comes from the highly reverenced and trusted medical establishment in America, a authority that people literally trust with their lives. Unfortunately, the medical industry, and its capacity to manufacture public perceptions for the purpose of prospering its profits, has become central to the issues. It turns out that the medical industry, far before the PS confederates became a major enterprise, has a checkered past in this area. Furthermore, the idea that an industry can distort, bias, and corrupt information and thereby create a wave of *iatrogenic* (doctor caused illness) represents a potential tragedy, a full scandal for the medical industry in itself.

Breast reduction mammoplasty

Reduction Mammaplasty has been done with very favorable results on teenagers, and on elderly women. There is a high degree of satisfaction with the surgery, even with scars (as opposed the the purple stretch marks and nipples pointing to toes at age 22 that some of us had!). I had the surgery done at 24 and wished I’d done it 6 years earlier.


There are small associated risks such as loss of sensation and impaired lactation later in life, and I do have some sensation loss in my nipples. Certainly not enough to hold me back from anything! But DO consult with a surgeon or 3, or 6, about the risks, the techniques they use, THEIR OWN track records,etc. The surgery and recovery itself was a breeze, having an ingrown toenail dealt with was much more painful.


To me it was well worth the cessation of the back and neck pain, getting rid of the near-constant chafing and fungal infections in the creases under the breasts, the ability to buy “normal” clothes and bras, the nice feeling of being able to go braless without getting my tits caught in my belt… all that stuff. The American medical infrastructure promotes breast reduction for its subset, the American plastic surgery industry. A very big part of the fact that breast reduction makes the PS industry more money than breast augmentation is the fact that the medical industry, which makes many times more money on breast reduction than augmentation, promotes and facilitates the surgery in several important ways.


One of these would be to encourage breast reduction in young girls. The breast reduction surgery is seen as an exception to the rule that girls who are not psychologically or physically developed should not undergo major surgery. The promotion by the medical industry has been instrumental in insuring that breast reduction for teen girls as a group makes the PS industry, which is a subset of the medical industry, about three times the profits made by breast augmentation on that group.

Insurance coverage for breast reduction

In the US, your physical problems *alone* would qualify you for breast reduction, paid for by your provider. You would not even have to mention your psychological pain. Unfortunately, it would seem that in the US, insurance does not recognize the validity of psychological torment. This is not a problem with breast reduction, of course, but what about all the other people that are suffering, such as those with flatchestedness to the point of not even having breasts?


Their agony can be quickly relieved by the simple operation of breast augmentation. The failure of insurance companies to pay for the relief of psychological torment is an atrocity. People who are being **stepped on** need to sue the HMO’s. This has got to stop! In Brazil and France and some of the American states, breast reduction is the most popular and successful form of surgery. They would certainly agree that more than a handful is a pain. I would suggest that you change your doctor.


Go find one that will recommend a breast reduction to your socialized medicine. If you were in America, I would be glad to suggest the various specifics of how to get your breast reduction paid for, but I don’t know about Canada. Sounds like a horrid place, if doctors won’t let women get their breast reductions paid for. Good luck. I hope you get a breast reduction really soon. BTW, now that you have been posting to newsgroups for a month now, what do you think of this aspect of the internet? I notice that many more women talk about getting breast reduction (on the newsgroups) than women who talk about getting breast augmentation.

Breast augementation is not an option for relieving back pain

Presumably, breast reduction surgery is done to relieve back pain. Unfortunately, what is often ignored in doctors advice here is that back pain is caused in large breasted women when they fail to walk and carry themselves as they should. Note, the posture for a large breasted woman is different than for a flat chested woman, because the distribution of mass is different. If large breasted women carry themselves *exactly* like flat chested ones should, it is logical that they would get back pain.


It is also logical that if flat chested women carried themselves like busty women should, then *they* would get back pain too. Unfortunately, the information that filters thru on breast reduction is usually approved by PS’s, who make about half a billion per year in US on this service. This means that certain critical pieces of information are excluded or downplayed. For example, in 1992, the year of Soleil Moon Frye (now: breast reductions in teens outnumber augmentations two to one) and Roseanne (now: breast reductions are mostly done on overweight women), we saw the beginning of a bunch of magazine articles implanted in different publications, spread out over time, continuing to today.


Not one of them even mentioned the internal scarring caused by this surgery, and how it can result in various deformations in the shape of the breast. Odd that **all** these trusted magazines would exclude this information, isn’t it? It is quite understandable, if a woman lives in a community that considers augmentation perfectly normal and common, she will see women all around getting it, including her friends.


But frankly, communities that have been affected by these twin breast alteration products of the PS, (augmentation and reduction pull in about the same annual proceeds for surgeons) look *worse* for it, not better. I think that one of the attractions of Russian women for American men is that the former iron curtain country did not provide a good market for the breast industry. Virgin breasts.

Breast enlargement for transgenders

I can’t comment on why this might be difficult in the US, but I know in this country many plastic surgeons will not operate on t* people because some people in the gender ‘community’ don’t pay their medical bills and some surgeons have been burned.


I’m not saying the prejudice is reasonable, as i have no idea how prevalent this is, but I did hear it from a few surgeons some years back. By the way, just so you don’t misunderstand the comments of some people who question the need for the surgery – cosmetic surgery tends to be viewed in different ways in different cultures.


In many countries outside the US, for example, it would be thought odd for a sensible woman to want to undergo cosmetic surgery, as though it indicated some neurosis on her part. In the US, by contrast, there appears to be no stigma, and it seems quite common for people in mainstream life to go for surgery to improve their appearance.


This stigma is one of the reasons why, post-transition, I could never have had any noticeable plastic surgery such as breast enlargement or rhinoplasty or anything like that even if I had wanted to – people would have thought I was “odd”. SRS, of course, was something they didn’t know about, but then there’s probably a bigger stigma attached to that.


One girl offered a reply about having SRS first and then have a my breast surgery. It seems to me that their is a preoccupation with having your final sugery as fast as possible and I feel I should explain my reasoning to chose otherwise. First of all I have lived with my birth gentials all my life. Didn’t want them and would get rid of them if given the oppertunity but given my fincial situation this is not likely to happen for a long time 5-10 years.

Cosmetic surgery industry tragetting thin women

The PS industry however does not seem to be aware that it is fighting mathematically limited resources, just like any unregulated industry that is permitted full license to exploit a resource tends not to be aware that the resource is limited.


If you have anything that consumes anything, that resource will be consumed, and once it is consumed, all the efforts and propaganda and tricks and spin in the book, all the money and deals and wheels and tactics and cons, every single effort that the industry makes to sell its products or to consume the resource more efficiently, all this will be in vain.


Since the white women in America are the primary target of the PS industry breast alteration money making propaganda and opinion manipulation, it is most logical that, in a mere seven years of time, the PS industry has managed to pollute this group so terribly. By acting to literally destroy the physical beauty (hourglass figures, well proportioned figures) of so many overweight white women, the PS industry has done more than any other force to stop the evolution of positive attitudes toward size acceptance in American society.


Most instrumental in all this, because she initiated these type of shills in public media, is Roseanne, who I personally see as the Judas of the fat acceptance movement. Roseanne managed to leverage the trust and acceptance and admiration of people, and to use this to profit herself in a fashion that has literally killed fat acceptance in America.


The damage that has been done to the group of “non thin” white women is totally permanent, since breast reductions do not spontaneously reverse themselve nor is there any known medical procedure that will restore the natural living breast tissue that has been destroyed. This damage has extended to virtually all age groups, with breast reductions in underage girls (thanks to the activities of the medical industry promotions) *twice as common* (perhaps more) as breast augmentations.

Cost for breast augmentation

With augmentation, women have to pay for it themselves and are aware that there is another side to the story, but with reduction, women do not have to pay for it themselves and are unaware of the various problems that this can cause. Hence, there is an alternative natural market for nonsurgical enlargement, but there is no demand whatsoever for an alternative market for reduction.


This remains true inspite of the fact that under medical industry promotion, breast reductions greatly outnumber augmentations in the teen girls (ala Soleil Moon Frye) and in overweight white women (ala Roseanne) Breast reduction, which is promoted for the PS industry by the medical industry and paid for by insurance money, makes more money for PS’s (who are doctors) on an annual basis than does breast augmentation.


Currently, PS’s make more money on breast reduction each year than Dow made on all the breast implants they sold prior to the time they were finally sued for the damage this had done to human lives. The PS industry, which makes far more money on augmentation than the manufacturers, went completely unpunished, allowing it to go on and double its annual breast surgery profits by promoting both breast augmentation *and* breast reduction.


Now, if there is indeed a natural alternative for breast reduction, hell yes, I’d try it rather than surgery, even if I did have the insurance to pay for it. But if there is no alternative, then I will eventually get the surgery, knowing full well that I may experience loss of sensation, the possibility that I’ll never be able to breast feed my children, and all the other negative side effects. It would be worth it to not feel, for the first time since I was 15, that I’m carrying around a couple of bowling balls in front of me all the time, be able to exercise freely and not wake up with back pain every day.