Skin care cosmetic surgery

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I am finding the lines between the specialties are becoming increasingly blurred. I have been advised TCA Chemical Peel by a Plastic Surgeon, Laser Resurfacing by a Dermatologist and an Ophthalmologist offered to do my Upper blepharaplasty! It would be nice to have these folks in the same newsgroup for awhile, if only to discuss their differences. :) Furthermore, I see there is a distinction between plastic and cosmetic surgery, between patients who elect surgery to improve their appearance and those who need reconstruction because of accident or disease.

As a layperson considering cosmetic surgery, I want to make the most informed decisions possible. There is a tremendous amount of useful information about cosmetic surgery available. I think alt. skincare members are interested in starting a forum for the *discussion* and *exchange* of this information. As we know, there is no newsgroup on cosmetic surgery. I can only wonder why attempts have failed. Information about starting new Usenet Groups is readily available.

The procedure does take some time, but we can certainly open up this dialog, as well. I’ve searched Usenet and, apparently, no one from the consumer or patient base has ever proposed such a group. I appreciate Dr. Welling’s response to Tracey’s letter and I would welcome further contact with him. I have mixed feelings about moderated groups, though. With all due respect to Dr. Welling, I don’t think it’s good for a newsgroup to be moderated by an individual who represents a limited group of plastic surgeons. IMHO.

I propose we continue with our plans to announce a discussion of cosmetic surgery in alt.skincare, including discussion on proposing new groups. I think we could forward this announcement to cosmetic surgery professionals on the web. If they are interested, they will respond. If not, no harm done. I will be posting a list of cosmetic surgery websites I have found on the web. It’s only a starting point for those members who might be interested in browsing the subject. I believe we all realize newsgroups are not a substitute for informed research, but only tools.

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