Repeated cosmetic surgery

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As others have said, many people who undergo repeated cosmetic surgery procedures may be experiencing body dysmorphic disorder. Good plastic surgeons will interview prospective patients thoroughly before agreeing to perform any sort of surgery which doesn’t seem to be warranted.


If it seems that a patient has unrealistic expectations or is overly-focused on flaws which are not apparent to anyone else, good surgeons will refer them to a psychiatrist or psychologist and refuse to do surgery. Other surgeons are not that scrupulous. There is a woman who lives in NYC who has had so many repeated cosmetic procedures on her face and her eyes that she is now rather bizarre looking, almost deformed, rather than having whatever appearance she was originally seeking….probably she was a perfectly ordinary or good looking woman before she started her frequent trips under the knife.


There is a distinct difference between plastic and reconstructive surgery which is done to repair damage of some sort due to congenital anomalies, accidents or disfiguring illness, and the more popular cosmetic surgery.As someone who has had the benefit of reconstructive surgery, I am quite disturbed when I read of some of these situations or see them on TV where a patient who is perfectly normal is requesting some cosmetic procedure which may or may not actually enhance their appearance and which may have no real impact on the underlying psychological problems which most likely exist.

quite frankly i think anyone who has surgery for anything other than an emergency, to prevent an emergency or for medical necessity doesn’t fall in the sane category. maybe that’s because I’ve spent more time in the OR than i want to remember and I’ve seen everything that can happen.

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