Powerful cosmetic surgery industry

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Currently, the PS industry has a powerful ally in the medical industry. Unfortunately, in spite of the powerful propaganda, the decade long promotions, the information propagated by the PS and medical industry can be shown, on standard scientific peer review, to be scientifically groundless.


Furthermore, thanks to the publication of medical shill studies by PS affiliates, the pattern of misinformation and bias can be fully documented under review by psychologists, social scientists, and other individuals that have knowledge of the nature of propaganda techniques and other methods of information bias. This means that the entire PS developed, medically sponsored PS industry is built on a house of cards, regardless of how well entrenched it has become.


It is therefore quite logical that the legal responsibility for the iatrogenic damage caused by the breast reduction industry in the US should, justly, fall on the hands of the doctors who are responsible, not the insurance companies who were forced (by the system) to go along with this. Judging by history, it is quite possible that the PS/medical industry faction will attempt to render the insurance companies as a scapegoat so that they (PS) can be shielded from the consequences. Allowing this to happen would be a legal atrocity.


PS/medical industry sponsorship of this breast reduction money machine has already created major distortions in information, and has taken license to a degree that is virtually unprecedented. Allowing scapegoating to occur, as it did in 1991, will assure that the crimes of deception in the name of industrial profit will be further condoned by society, and will pave the way for the continued and greater growth of this variety of white collar, elitist led crime.

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