Fitting into a sports bra

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I would like some info on some GOOD sports bras for women who are in the larger cup sizes..(D cups and up). I can’t seem to find a decent sports bra that fits well and has decent support. Any help would be appreciated. I was wearing ones made by Lily of France that Macy’s had carried. They were great, but I can’t seem to find them anymore. Lane Bryant is carrying some now as is Woman’s World. I wear a 46DD and need a 48 in the W.World bra, but could wear a 46 in the Lily and LaneB ones.


I like the Lily best though. How about doubling up on bras? I know it’s not ideal, but a friend of mine does this. I think she puts on a very structurally sound bra with underwire, large straps, and so forth under a sports bra. It looked uncomfortable to me. But bouncing does hurt, so perhaps it is the lesser of two evils. It really pisses me off that the sports bra industry seems to think that only small breasted women want to exercise.


Like someone with an A cup needs support like a D cup? And I thought I had it bad with merely a C cup. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. I’m a mere C cup myself, but I have a friend is a 36DD. She can’t find a good sports bra worth beans! I did see an ad for By-Kimberly sport bras that boasted cups sizes B to DD. It said they were at selected Neiman Marcus stores and at Norstrom.


I’m not aware of either of these stores existing where I live but they did give an 800 number. Perhaps they could tell you where you might find their bras for the area you are in. The number is 1-800-700-4171. The bras advertised are acutually pleasing to the eye as well.

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