Fat-hate leading to Augmentation

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Unfortunately, in America, there appears to be a strong anti-fat prejudice that rules the plastic surgery industry. This prejudice makes it extremely hard for larger women to get breast implants to match their body. To understand this, we need to look at the mathematics, and understand that the plastic surgery industry is very prejudiced against big bodies and breasts that are big in an absolute (rather than relative) way. The size of the implants is measured in cc, which is a volume measurement.


Volume, of course, is proportional to the cube of any one measurement. So if we have a woman who wants a 600 cc breast implant, and then enlarge her a mere fifteen percent proportionately, what we will need is a (1.15) times (1.15) times (1.15) times 600 cc breast implant to maintain the desired proportions.

This comes out to 910 cc. It tends to be very hard to persuade most surgeons to do this. Hence, because of the anti-big breast prejudice of plastic surgeons today, it is very difficult to get breast implants that go with your overall body unless you are very thin. Now 910 cc is just the lower limits. If the woman’s butt size were to expand from 32 to 48, this is a fifty percent increase, which would require breast implants of a (huge sounding) 2250 cc just to stay in good proportion.


Very basic math But this fat hating troll is indeed attempting to cover up a powerful fact, which is that if your breasts are big enough compared to the rest of you, the rest of you look a lot thinner. What happens is that the entire world, male and female, will perceive you as a lot thinner, having a lot less body fat, than you actually have. Since most of the world is prejudiced against body fat, the fact that you appear to be a lot less fat serves as a powerful advantage. Men treat you like a beautiful woman; other women treat you with the same respect and admiration that you would deserve if you were thin.

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