Discussing about cosmetic surgery

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Would like to find a discussion forum on cosmetic surgery. Searching the archives, it appears someone tried to start one in 1995 and 1996 in both sci.med and alt., but the thread stops there. (I can’t locate the FAQ for alt.skincare, so please forgive me if I am off-topic here.) I first browsed this group for questions about acne, but I find most of the subject is covered in alt.skincare.acne. Alt.fashion has all the scoop on over-the-counter cosmetics. Sci.med is too broad, and my questions receive little or no response.


It seems to me that alt.skincare might be a good spot for discussion of plastic and cosmetic surgery, in addition to existing topics. If there was one place to ask questions, maybe the surgeons and dermatologists on the web would begin to drop by. The group would have to be a good mix of the public and medical communities. It might breathe life into alt.skincare. As for spammers, the most active Newsgroups have their own tactics to discourage them. There are scams, etc., on all the medically oriented newsgroups I read.


There are legitimate posts, responses, etc., although you have to be willing to sort through them to get to the real meat of the group. But there are real people with real problems who post, and others with some real answers who want to help. Some products are better than others, and different things work for different people where acne and skincare are concerned. Also, some days are busier than others. Don’t denigrate the whole group just because there are spammers out there. Sad to say, spamming is a fact of life on the ‘net.


You’re looking at a group of people who are desperate to “cure” problems and will try anything, which, in the eyes of spammers, makes them easy targets. Sometimes the reason you don’t see posts in response to legitimate questions is that the inquiry has been responded to via email to save on newsgroup bandwidth. It doesn’t mean their questions haven’t been answered.

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