Cosmetic surgery more effective than upgrading ?

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From what newspapers have shown young pretty babes with skimpy bikinis and tiny skirts selling hundred cups of bubble tea to many eager and ‘thirsty’ patrons, somewhere in Woodlands, it has totally validated my view that Singaporeans do not need diploma, degree or high education certificates to find a job and create wealth. What Singaporean need is cosmetic surgery to enhance their face and body and the desire to bare them to their eager public !! Singaporeans should forget about upgrading their brains and go for upgrading their bodies instead.


If our society desire young beautiful perky working boys and girls to man their stations and entice customers, Singaporean should go for cosmetic surgery and appeal to the government for more “cosmetic surgery funds”. Since most employers want only good looking and relatively young workers, having a S$1 billion funds will allow all Singaporeans to fixed their crooked teeth, stop hair loss, lose tummy fat and perk up their nose, ear, mouth, eyelid plus whatever is visible to the employer.


Singapore service industry is also moving towards “world class” and therefore no ‘ugly’ or old workers are desirable as this is bad image for the service industry. If the sale assistant is as ugly as your dead grandmother, where got business !! Singaporeans urgently need many cosmetic surgery before job application is successful as that is what employers want, hence, instead of life long learning, how about having a life long “cosmetic surgery funds” ?

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