Cosmetic surgery for Down’s features

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In seminar last night we were presented with a case study of a mother of a child who had Down’s. This mother was particularly concerned about the child’s epicanthic folds. Obviously they made the child look different from other kids and she wanted the folds corrected. I was fascinated by the reactions of the early childhood educators in the class. They were appalled that the mother would focus on this feature. They said that the mother wasn’t accepting her child as she was.


They said the mom was focusing on making the kid normal and not on loving the kid unconditionally. My argument was that the mom probably did love the kid and just wanted the kid to avoid being automatically labelled. My son has a rare genetic disorder kinda like Downs with a portion of CP. And while he is of normal looks, he had severe strabisimus (crossed eyes). His behaviour is maybe at the 8 month level (he is 2, 36 inches tall and almost 30 pounds. He does NOT behave like hge looks like he ought to.


We had surgery done on his eyes and have noticed 2 things. With his eyes crossed, people saw his age inappropriate behaviour but also got an inkling that there may be something wrong with him. (Good and bad results due to that) With his eyes corrected, you couldn’t tell there’s anything wrong with him if he’s at rest, but now when he acts age inappropriate, we are very conscious of peoples reactions. It’s almost like before, he had a visible clue that there was a problem; absent the clue, people treat him like a 2 year old who’s not acting right.

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