Cosmetic surgery and money making

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Look, go to the Web and look up something innocent that you might want information on, such as breasts, or large size, or BBW’s, or breast reduction. What you will get from your search is a lot of stuff put out by people who are trying to make money. In the case of breasts, you will be inundated by the damn porno industry offerings, which have done their own share of information bias and social pollution.


If you look up breast reduction, you will find mostly (well over 90%) of the so called data is put out by PS’s, who are interested in providing only the information, and only the depth of information, that is needed to sell their services. I find this a real pain, since every one of them provides only superficial information and leaves out various information that women who are considering this need to know, as it could have an impact on the rest of their lives, since breast reduction surgery does create a permanent and major alteration in the body structure.


In order to find information that is not profit approved, one must go to more sophisticated Boolean searches that will filter out most of this profit orientated data enough to uncover any opinions presented by real people that aren’t PS’s. My filters exclude words that are commonly used by medical cliques, but even then, I get a majority of hits that are of PS origin. The fact that it is the profit orientated “information” that is mostly available should not be very surprising to anyone that takes a look at modern reality.


And if you think about it, you will realize that the flux of profit orientated information will overwhelm and inhibit non profit information, and quite likely will act, in totality, to suppress data that could in theory have a negative effect on these profits. Unless, of course, you have a strong bias in favor of your own opinion which happens to conform to profit manufactured information biases of the PS industry.

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