Considering breast augmentation

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Just wanted your opinion on the opposite side of your cause. I have always had very small breasts and would like to go from a b to a c cup. I think it would make me look a little bit more well proportioned and I could buy bras and swimming suits without padding. What do you think? Any suggestions.


Now that I have your attention I am sure, I wanted to challenge you just to see if you could actually compose a post with no mention of breasts or body mutilations. Pick a topic, any topic. Remember the rules, no words such as shill, breasts, mutilation, etc. Just post one time on something completely unrelated no matter how trivial. Are you up to this challenge? If not I think we will all completely understand. If so, maybe, your posts will be read in a different light. So just give it one try.


You’re perfect just as you are, just as you were created, regardless of which side of the cup you inhabit… Don’t mess with your body unless it’s something that needs to be done for more than cosmetic purposes. Please? B cup is perfect. As are C, D, A, and the rest. Right? so if you’re already one of the above, and it’s not causing medical/physical/extreme psychological problems.


Nothing I was considering seriously, not to worry. Although, their was a time not too long ago, probably a year b.f.(before fibroid) that I thought it would be nice because I am very self conscious of that part of my anatomy, buy would never actually do it, risks, feeling too vain, pain, etc. No, I was just trying to see whether or not I could get spectra to take the challenge or not. So do you think it actually can

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