Cesarean section and cosmetic surgery

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Scar from the cesarean is not too bad but my doc said it could easily be corrected and look nicer. does anyone have experience with this? I´m esp. interested in what happens if I would have another Cesarian later on, do they cut the same place or just close to it. Should I better wait with the cosmetic surgery until we don´t want any more kids? Or is it even better to correct it before my next pregnancy because there is too much critical tissue which might break during birth.I would recommend waiting until you are through having kids before having it fixed.


Otherwise, should you have to have another one, you will be back in the same boat again, with a scar to fix. As to where they would cut on another one, we 99.99% of the time use the old scar when we do a repeat cesarean section. The one exception I have seen for this was a crash section for abrupt when the mom had a bikini cut and we needed to get in in a hurry. Otherwise we always use the old one, and most of the time if mom has a bad scar we excise it on the way out so she doesn’t have such a thick one.


I had my second section in August. They did not use the same incision, but instead cut again much lower. The first scar is gone, but unfortunately my incision opened and became infected about 2 days post-partum. it was left open to heal and it looks horrible right now. I was told to have it reevaluated in February and if it is still uneven it may be corrected with some cosmetic surgery.

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