Cosmetic surgery is not a solution for teenage beauty issues

I suffered from BDD when I was a teenager. From the ages of 13-18 I was convinced that I was grotesque. My diaries of the time are filled with pages of self loathing. It is quite painful to read. I was convinced that the only solution to my ‘problem’ was plastic surgery.


I borrowed books on the subject from the library and poured over them. I spent hours fantasising about the surgery I would have. No one believes me when I tell them this now. They say, ‘But you must have *known*. You only had to look in the mirror’. I have difficulty believing it myself. I look at pictures of myself taken at that time in my life (and there aren’t many. For obvious reasons, I always ensured that I was on the other side of the camera) and while I was no Helen of Troy I was certainly not grotesque. Fortunately, I never embarked upon the path of actually going through with surgery.


I would have been one of those people who would never be satisfied b/c the problem is in my head and no amount of surgery can fix that Lately, I’ve been grappling with how I look issues (mid-life crisis) Wondering how my children will fit in with society. Will they ever talk plainly(though they improve each day) And somewhere in the back in the recess of my mind and from the depths of my soul, I see it trying to come through–the attitude that I don’t have to be like everyone else.


That I stand alone on the merits of who I am–with or without cheekbones, regardless of any nasality, but by what I say and convey to others. We(a society) are working towards this…but still have a long way to go. . People with developmental disabilities (there’s that concept again : )) are working in the mainstream more, living independently, seen in restaurants, other public places more than before. Places are handicapped accessible. Sign language more prevalent. Schools mainstreamed and on and on.

Augmentation surgery through naval area

I’ve discovered, via my cosmetic surgeon, that the most recent and most popular method of breast augmentation is to go through the naval area. Yes it requires the surgeons hand and forearm to enter your body but it leaves no scars and little discomfort from the bra after surgery. Doesn’t sound appealing but it seems to work well. Now I’m in confused and not-quite-depressed state. I would love to get by with A-cup breasts and a Wonder Bra but I don’t think that’s going to work for me.


Wonder Bra’s only go up to 38 or, at least I’ve never seen one for a 40 or larger. I haven’t had a 38-inch chest since my junior year in high school twenty-mumble years ago. I have enough flesh in my chest already (I’m not in HRT yet) to overflow my wife’s 36A cup bras (as if I could get the band to fit around!) I have never wanted breasts larger than was necessary to look appropriate. My first forms were big enough to give me a 46B. After wearing them out for six months, I find out that I was getting read because my bust line was too SMALL! *sigh* I don’t really expect to produce that much body tissue with hormones alone.


So what does a girl like me do? The latest seminar I attended showed implantation via the navel area and a channel is made under the skin to just under the nipple. An “expander” is inserted to make room for the implant, and the surgeon can expand it to the correct position. There is only a little scar in the region of the navel.Actually, I’m not *that* “stealth”-y. I didn’t want them to archive this just because it was redundant.I’ve been posting tons of the same material in the breast-implant newsgroup. Next time I won’t bother with the no-archive command, as it doesn’t really save them any memory space – they just represent these messages as “article not available”. If I didn’t want people to see my messages, I wouldn’t post them.

The Truth behind Natural Breast Enhancement

I have not heard of this pill. Dear God what will they come up with next? I am shocked and appalled at the stuff that is marketed to women. I am even more appalled that women buy it! We have bought into the myth that only one type of woman is beautiful for far too long. That woman, according to society, is perky breasted, ultra-thin, and perpetually young. Well, I say I am beautiful because I am a woman. I am a mother of a daughter and a son.


That has made me beautiful (not to say I wasn’t beautiful before}. My saggy breasts and stretch marks are my badges of honor left over from two amazing births and the miracle of breast feeding. I wouldn’t trade them for a pair of perky breasts even if you paid me. Has anyone ever heard of Erdic a new pill SAID to make women grow bigger breasts?? It sounds too good to be true. All natural and safe and works… has anyone ever tried it??

I saw it on Hard Copy and heard it on the radio so I decided to check out the web site it looks. I was quite a skeptic but I actually increased over 2 full cup sizes taking Breast Success! I have so much more confidence now it’s wonderful! My boyfriend took these before and after photos that I’d like to share with you and your readers”.

I wish women were more satisfied with their bodies as they are. I hope women everywhere doesn’t get scammed my sister and I have started a website regarding body image. It is quite revolutionary. Drop us a line and let us know what you think!