The government does not cover your cosmetic surgery costs

The government does NOT cover cosmetic surgery. If somebody wants a nosejob, hair transplants, etc., it’s not covered by ANY insurance plan. OHIP *does not* cover cosmetic surgery. Call any doctor and they’ll tell you that. Cosmetic surgery is only covered when someone has gone through some sort of traumatic accident like severe burns, and skin grafts are necessary. Even then, your going to go through alot to justify this.


So please don’t give me this nonsense how “cosmetic surgery costs you money” in Canada. If it’s not you having it done, it costs you zilcho. So perhaps you had better be careful before making erroneous generalizations like that. If I’m wrong (which I’m sure I’m not since I’ve met several people who have had cosmetic surgery and NOT ONE has had coverage from the government or insurance plans) then please enlighten me.


If I’m right then there goes your argument. Los Angeles is probably the world capital for plastic surgery. Men are very definitely being targetted in the ads around town. I’m actually kinda concerned about these penile and testicular enlargements that are being advertized. I think it’s possible a man could have serious complications from the surgery, such as heavy bleeding and scarring that could lead to loss of function.


Does anyone happen to have some safety stats or general information on the procedures being used? Related to this, don’t forget all the money men spend on health clubs, home weight-lifting sets, and all the guys going over the border to buy anabolic steroids. Oh, yes, and buying Rogaine at $60 per bottle

Cosmetic surgery can be dangerous

Cosmetic surgery is still surgery, and surgery can be very dangerous. The worst side effect of any procedure, even a minor one, and particularly ones involving anesthesia, can be death. That can be due to incompetence on the part of the medical provider or bad luck on the part of the patient, or poor aftercare or unfortunate allergies, or any one of a number of reasons. Really, anything can happen.


You are taking your life into your hands when you have ANY procedure done. You really can’t say that about changing your hair color. If a person wants to get elective surgery done, then that’s their choice, and I’m not going to call them shallow for it. But it’s NOT the same as changing your hair color or getting a piercing. I too have bad BAD vison (contacs.. -6.0, -6.5) and usually wear glasses.


The worst is that when i have them off i cant see anything more than a foot away. :( I’ve been thinking about having it done as well, but Im also worried that Id be the one person to go blind… weighing it that way id rather have glasses my whole life than be blind. Absolutely serious, actually. A generation ago nobody would dream of the popularity that piercings and tattoos are enjoyed today. It all boils down to modifying your body.


I have worked in the tattooing and piercing industry and as a nurse. I have seen people do outrageously beautiful tattoos all over thier bodies. I have also seen people alter thier bodies with surgery and I have heard the same reasons explained by both groups.

Problems related to breast reduction surgery

Other problems with the breast reduction are that the shapes, and the structures of the breast are not natural. Actually, the surgeon removes the lower half of the breast, and then sews together the caverns abyss that results. The remnant that is created is not a naturally structured breast whatsoever, but the surgeon does a trick of turning this strange shape into something resembling an actual breast by removing the nipples and sewing them higher up on the breast.


Sometimes you see women were the nipples have crept up higher than expected by the surgeon, nearly to the neck, a most bizarre look. The restructured breasts can then change in shape anytime after the surgery, as the woman’s body undergoes the changes of time. This results in a lot of strange breast reduction breast shapes that occur in a wide variety of deformations, depending on the surgery and the circumstances. We have burrito breasts which extend their elongation in the direction perpendicular to normal breasts, stretched like burritos from one underarm to the other. These breasts remind me of Jordes Visor. Another shape is bat breasts.


These are the results of breast reduction that have experience deformations that result from the deep inner scar tissue that pinches the bottom of the breasts. Bat breasts are sort of burrito breasts that have been kind of bent in the middle, causing them to fold over, and droop, against the upper abdomen, which, in the majority of breast reduction cases tends to have a lot of fat on it, because this is the category of women that are mainly exploited by the surgeons in their promotions. So the girl has these burrito like breasts that are bent in the middle and folding over the fat upper abdomen upon which they rest, which is kind of a drooping effect.

Consequences of breast enhancement

The before persona pretend to be large breasted women, and use this as an excuse to freely spout everything negative about large breasts. This technique is designed to use behavioral psychology and suggestibility on women, to enhance all pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction, self image problems, whatever that they associate with large breasts. The after type shills also use behavioral psychology but they try to associate pleasure with the breast reduction surgery, and thus they pretend to be women that have had it and have nothing but great things to say about it.


The “woman” who answered your post and said that she had a breast reduction would fit the category of the after type breast reduction shill trog. Your concern was for scarring and such. Actually, the surgery leaves extensive scars, that are long, and run totally cross each breast in perpendicular directions. The scars are also deep, as if the external scarring was only the tip of the ice berg. Most meaningful here is the scar sheath, which is a large sheath of internal scar tissue that divides each breast in half, as it goes deeply through internal breast all the way down to the base.


This internal scar tissue is often less elastic than normal tissue, so if your breasts, after surgery, expand for any reason, the scar tissue can pinch the bottom of the breasts in half, leading to deformities in breast shape, most common being quad (four) breasts. The “woman” answering your posts made light of the scar tissue, as if “she” had had the surgery. This notion that scars will fade is simply a lie, but the person does not have to be responsible for lies, because this is Usenet, where anyone can be, or say, anything they want. No surgeon has been caught doing this, so surgeons can lie like this without any fear of consequence.

A light-hearted look at cosmetic surgery

My answer was a fairly light-heated look at the question of plastic surgery. My more serious view on this? That basically the wonder of today, is the fact we have choice. If someone lives in a protective environment where looks are of no concern to acceptance, then that is wonderful because this freedom allows the ‘inner self’ to grow. Some are less fortunate.


Some would prefer to take measures to make themselves more acceptable in order deflect the ordeal of their less tolerant world. Picking out someone’s imperfections (physical or otherwise), to bully them, starts in the playground. Some adults don’t grow out of this bully-mentality, and continue their behavior ad nausea It’s sad. If their self-esteem is so low that they have to pick on others simply to create their illusion of self worth, then they should corrected.


Fact is, it isn’t done, So the recipients of this behavior end up having their life destroyed on the whim of a bozo. If you asked a person who has been through an intensive session of bullying if they would a) Learn that beauty comes from within, ignore the ignorant. and just accept that their ambitions being ruined as a result was not their fault. or b) Would you like an opportunity to stop the bozos? Most (not all) would take the latter option. In today’s world, we have more choices than at any other time in the history of mankind.


You can choose to live in a mansion (depending on your ability to get the cash together) or you can choose to live in a caravan and use your resources in some other direction. You can use your money to gain the satisfaction that you have helped others in a charitable sense. You can buy any type, color or make of

Ban on breast enhancement for teens

The European Parliament is set to ban breast implants for girls under 18 this week. The action is a result of a growing political fanaticism regarding fear of teenage girls getting breast implants. The whole issue began in America, where, about a year ago, mounting public panic over the popularity of breast implants (quite delusional at the time) in the wake of Britney Spears fallout pressured the FDA into banning breast implants in America for girls under the age of 18.


This evidently inspired teenage girls whose mothers happen to have breast implants (one out of three in Southern California) to want them more than ever. After a brief hiatus in the shadow of the new hardball regulatory move, there was a explosively growing wave of American teen girls going to Europe to get their boob jobs. Although the process was self limiting, in that all of these girls have mothers who have breast implants themselves, and most of it happened with the full supervision of the mums, by full parental permission, the sudden rise in girls as young as age 15 looked like a huge epidemic and was sufficient to hit more panic buttons.


Never let it be said that Americans and American politicians are not of influence in the Euro Socialist government. This week, the Europeans sought to stop the flood of teenage girls taking breast augmentation vacations in Europe, using the typical American tough love approach, the banning of underage breast augmentation in the Euro continent. As such, they follow the tactic of the Americans, whose tough love was in fact a very big reason why teenage breast augmentation has become such a big problem this year.


Like much of what the American politicians do under tough love, it has the exact reverse of what it is intended. Prohibition, for instance, provided the basis of a huge Nietschean Fascist entrenchment in America, stimulating the bootlegging industry and with it the consequences of unregulated crime. Arms sale to the Russians provided the impetus to a new Nietschean fascism in Russia to replace the old Marxist Fascist ways.

Exploitation under the cover of augemntation therapy

Major differences in the PS exploitation do occur based on what groups of people are arbitrarily defined. For example, another group of highly exploited females would be girls eighteen or under, and victims of the disease fibromyalgia. Certain states are more exploited than others, as are certain countries.


Does the fact that industrial exploitation of human beings is not uniform and homogenous over all cultures and groups surprise you? Another implied assumption I would object to with your statement is “that just what the majority or the status quo sees as attractive is what beauty really is”. This is totally false. Of course, it seems to tie in well with the PS standard of beauty, which many of them attempt to impose upon society.


PS concepts of beauty seem to disregard diversity in the name of the majority and the average. For example, noses are supposed to be unattractive if they are too large, and breasts are supposed to be unattractive if they are too large or too small. There is diversity in beauty, and their is diversity in taste, as to what constitutes beauty. Defining a majority standard and conflicting with all minority tastes and physics is the problem, not a solution.


As such, it destroys diversity, which is what racists do. It is hardly surprising that the PS industry, which supports itself largely by destroying diversity (in the name of “health and beauty”) has racist effects in its activities. Nor is it surprising that I would claim that the PS industry has been a major sabateur of the size acceptance movement.

Breast enhancement and suicide risks

I think there are at least two major points here. If someone has a true disfigurement, cosmetic surgery will work in the sense that the disfigurement will be gone, along with any distress it was causing. But if a “gorgeous woman” with a body-image problem, which may in fact be perfectly real to her, undergoes cosmetic surgery the distress probably *won’t* go away and it may in fact get worse if she was expecting the surgery to be the answer to all her problems. That’s because the surgery didn’t address the real problem. Her brain is distorting her perception of what she looks like in such a manner as to make herself look inadequate *regardless of what she looks like*. Changing what she looks like won’t help.


Getting surgery under those circumstances is like hopping across the fence because the other side looks greener; once you do it, the side you used to be on will look greener. The other point is that while a body-image problem may be entirely the result of biochemical phenomena, possibly genetically determined, in the individual herself, how she *behaves* in response to the distortions involved *is* going to be determined in large part by the marketing images she sees around her. The dimorphisia isn’t socially determined, but the decision to seek surgery for it is.


The first point actually ties into one of the major issues of “alternative” medicine: if someone has a real problem but attributes the cause of it, attempting to treat the putative “cause” may produce a perceived improvement, but it’s likely to be very temporary and the problem is likely to get worse afterwards. Just look at Jan and the parasite cleanse: she had a real problem (peripheral neuropathy), came to believe that it was caused by parasite infestation, “treated” the “infestation,” and felt better than she had in years. But it didn’t last. Within three months she felt like she was close to dying.


Rich has speculated that the worsening of her symptoms was due to her reading Hulda’s “theories” about mercury poisoning, and that may well have been part of it. But I strongly suspect that another part of it was that her PN was fluctuating, as that condition is wont to do, and when she had a flareup it became apparent to her that what she thought had been the answer to all her problems wasn’t. And that sort of realization is in itself extremely stressful and could aggravate PN.

Cosmetic Breast Implants Linked to Suicide Risk

Women who opt for breast implants to enhance their natural assets are more likely to commit suicide, Dutch and Swedish scientists said on Thursday. Breast enlargement is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery but researchers at the University Medical Center in Utrecht believe it could be linked to problems such as lack of self esteem or poor body image. “Our findings suggest there might be a psychological problem in some women,” Veronica Koot, an epidemiologist at the center, said in an interview.


In a study of 3,521 women in Sweden who had breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic reasons between 1965 and 1993, Koot and her colleagues found a higher than expected suicide rate after an average 11-year follow-up. Women who had implants following surgery for breast cancer (news – web sites) were not included in the study. Fifteen women in the research group committed suicide, three times more than expected in the general population.


The researchers also found an excess number of lung cancer deaths mostly likely due to smoking. “It is a high rate of suicide compared to the general population,” she said. The scientists suggested that cosmetic surgeons should evaluate women who want breast enlargement for any signs of psychological problems. “If women have a psychological problem and they are given breast implants they will still have that problem,” said Koot, who reported the finding in the British Medical Journal.


After liposuction, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for women in Britain and the United States. Nearly 250,000 women in the United States had their breasts enlarged in 2002, a substantial increase since 1997. Eyelid surgery, breast reduction and nose reshaping are were also popular procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Beware Cosmetic Eye Surgery

3 years ago I had LASIK performed by Dr. Machat in Windsor Canada. The surgery went very well, and it took about a full year until my vision TOTALLY stabilized. When it did, it was 20/20. I was thrilled with my perfect vision, eye health excellent. No problems whatsoever. Then a year ago, I had a cosmetic procedure on my lower eyelids that was supposed to help remove what I thought were “bags”. Long story short, my plastic surgeon removed too much skin and fat and I ended up with scleral show (pulling down of eyelids showing too much white under the iris), tear-trough deformity (hollow-eyed look) inability to close eyes completely and SEVERE dry eyes.


I had gone to my eye doc who stated that the cosmetic surgery caused the lower lids to be so tight, and pulled down that there were hardly any tears to lubricate the eyes. My vision was now blurry due to the lack of tears. Punctual plugs, drops provided little relief. I was determined to find a way to save the health of my eye AND restore the 20/20 vision I once had. Asthetically speaking, my eyes lost their nice shape and looked too round, tired and hound-dog like. I spent months talking to plastic surgeons on what could be done to ‘fix’ the lower eyelid. Some suggested a canthopexy to horizontally tighten the lid.


This made no sense to me since my lid was too tight to begin with. Then I realized I had to find a doctor who understood the intricate anatomy of the eye. It took several more months of intense research on the web, referrals through other doctors, publication searches, etc before I found an excellent ophthalmologist/ophthalmic plastic-reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills (Norman Shorr). He told me I would need a surgery that would raise the lower lid back to it’s original position.


To do this a lower lid graft would be placed on the inside of the lower lid to ‘give back’ the excess skin that was removed, the cheek pad lifted, fat transplanted in the hollow area, and the lid realigned and sutured in the new position. The surgery would be done through incisions on the inside, and one incision at the outer corner of the eye. I was told the scar would be almost undetectable. The doctor performs this specific surgery several times a week, and has done it hundreds of times.