Reasons for the use of breast implants

Similar reasoning, but in the opposite direction, applies to the industry of breast implants (breast augmentation surgery). The thinner women are, the more readily they can be persuaded to get breast augmentation. The PS industry is actually very huge, very large, and very influential, with major tendrils into media of all sorts. People wonder why media is so hung up on skinny beauty ideals, and one of the answers is that the more skinny women there are, and the closer they come to anorexia, the greater the size of the demographic that feeds the breast augmentation industry.


That is why the topic of anorexia has become associated with that of breast implants. I have to admit that as well, but I’m several rather well-endowed women’s list of “People To Whom We Admit The Unpleasant Physical Stuff” and without fail, every one of them complains of back and shoulder pain.


I’ve learned some important things:

1. The knowledge of how to give a good backrub is as good as currency with many ladies (large breasted or small).

2. When in a sexual situation, NEVER, EVER immediately latch onto the breasts or use them as though they were video games, pool toys, or pacifiers.

3. Find other interesting places to START your sexual activity, and make the breasts part of, so to speak, “a well-balanced breakfast….” My lovely wife is one of the women able to achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation only, but that doesn’t mean I do it every time, or always start there…> Maraud. Besides, he has a feeling that most women consider breasts the way most men consider the uvula… It’s there, it has it’s function, and you’re not sure you’d miss it, but you don’t really care to find out.

Breast augmentation and Entertainment industry

All thru this time the breast implant industry recruited the entertainment industry as their primary shills, their fundamental agent of proliferation, their machinery for the dessimation of the breast enhancement product. Although the PS’s were surgeons, and they made full use of the American medical establishment, the industry had not evolved a strong employment and utilization of the medical system for the purpose of promoting its products.


PS innovations along these lines were in the process of development, notably the emphasis of medical terms to describe being flat chested, laying the groundwork for the claim that women who had small breasts were suffering from a medical condition that is properly cured by breast augmentation. Theories were being presented in respectable medical journals saying that small breastedness was a disease, with overriding psychological traumas complicating the underlying pathology, establishing breast augmentation as the easiest, most effective, and direct cure.


The underlying agenda of all this was to establish the medical community as major shills for the PS enterprise, but it never succeeded at the time. Then came the silicone scandals. After nearly a decade of illness, of fighting the dollar feeding tentacles, heads, and strong arms of the the silicone giant, the truth broke through, finally.


The legal and liability for all the damage tho fell into the laps of the implant manufacturers, while the PS’s themselves remained protected from judgement day, the Holocaust, like they had a Borg shield. Pampered darlings of media and inheriting the reverence of title from the medical image (PS’s are doctors, usually) they escaped with naught even a scolding. But alas they had all taken major income losses, as the breast implant business, now moved to the *saline* implant products , suffered an enormous down-slide.

Selecting a bra for jogging

I have always had a problem finding adequate support from the so called sport bras. If you are a size C or over(I am) it is near to impossible to find one that actually works. I have also found when the manufacturer says the bra gives maximum support most of the time I can do no more than walk briskly in them before the bounce gets uncomfortable.


Makes me wonder if any of these bra companies actually test these bras on large breasted women! Anyways I found one bra that works well for me even for running. It is the Sportshape Sport top by Jog bra (I am definitely not affiliated, just a pleased user). It doesn’t smush your breasts as flat to your chest as a lot of other bras and I think I have about tried them all. But on to more helpful info, there is a women’s sportswear company that offers the bra I just mentioned and several others that look good. I just ordered the under-wire one and look forward to trying it out.


Again I am not affiliated I just know how frustrating finding good bras can be and how I would have liked more info when I was looking. Anyways back to the point the company is called Title 9 and the phone # is 1-510-549-2592. I know not an 800 #, it is a small company of about 12 women but the catalog is great. I hope the info helps. that is what I used to do but even then by the end of the run it was uncomfortable. Also I have found that most bra companies make sports bras so that they mush you to the point of pain. If you have a more rounded shape most of the anatomy kind of oozes out over the top of the bra. So the part of the chest in the bra is supported but not the rest. Not a pretty site.

Shaping the breasts by augmentation

Cone breasts are another kind of weird breast reduction breast. In natural breasts, the size of the parts of the upper thorax, such as the fat content of the back, are proportionate to the size of the breasts. Breast reduction acts only to reduce the size of the breasts, it does not ipso facto reduce the size of anything else that is usually also large when breasts are large.


There is therefore a discontinuity, or a kind of perceived cognitive dissonance, a clash that occurs between the artificially altered breasts and the body parts like the chest that no longer appear to belong to the breasts. This gives the breasts an artificial stuck on variety. They look like they were added to the thorax rather than that they grew there naturally. They look like boob jobs, except they are different than breast implants.


So the cone breasts, that look like they are cones sitting on larger thoraxes, are one case of this. Of course there are numerous other problems that result from this discontinuity. Some breast reduction recipients also suffer from back boobs. Back boobs are masses of fatty tissue on the back. The actual mass of these blobs of fat in these deformities tend to exceed the actual mass of the remnant breasts that were left as a consequence of the surgery, so they are the dominant pillows, so to speak.


So when you look at the breast reduction recipient it looks like the most prominent masses of fatty tissue are on the back, not the front, the effect is most compelling. Back boobs can result from the same kind of apparent fat migration that is seen with lipo patients. Frequently, the overall body liposuction for men leads as a consequence to the enlargement of their breasts. This then leads to the need for male breast reduction, which the surgeon is glad to do. This makes him more money off of correcting a condition that he himself created.

Exploitation of overweight women by breast augmentation industry

The exploitation of overweight women by the breast reduction industry applies mainly to white overweight American women. This has had the effect of greatly degenerating the appeal of the group to the opposite sex. There are so many breast reductions in this group, that once one learns to recognize the reductions, one can see that the botched and deformed reductions in the population vastly outnumber the botched breast augmentations. Most noticeable is the figural hole effect.


This means that the total shape of the figure prior to the breast reduction went with the natural size of the breasts, but after the breast reduction there is a major discontinuity in the body parts of the woman. The overweight figures that result are bizarre, and not natural, nor are they considered attractive, however it is not considered politically correct to point this out.


There was a case where a man was accused of sexual harassment of a woman who had had a breast reduction. Upon investigation, the man had never said anything at all, ever to the woman, but the woman was upset because of the way the man would avoid looking at her.


The woman was fat, and her fat figure was distorted in a severe way and the man did not find pleasure in looking at her, but the woman found this to be a great insult and claimed sexual harassment. The problem is that the men will not say anything, and this man had not said anything at all, but it was not enough. The woman felt that he was under the obligation to not think anything either.

Behavioral therapy and breast reduction

Another major break thru was in the use of behavioral psychology. As breast reduction swept thru the teen community, the artificial standards of breast size that were defined by the PS industry, as opposed to what was defined by nature, began to be considered normal. It was also seen that promotion of breast reduction was effectively accomplished thru punishments for having large breasts.


The negativity of large breasts could be repeated over and over again by authorities, and any persons who would display negativity toward big breasts would be rewarded. This convinced more and more young girls that the PS and medical community supported idea that big natural breasts were sick and freakish was the truth, and allowed them to be susceptible to breast reductions as advised by doctors and by individuals that accepted the authority of doctors.


Another perk was that in some communities where breast reduction in teen girls was accepted, the parents believed that it was a good idea to give their girls breast reduction lest their big breasts lead to psychological and sexual deviations in their development, as advocated by the doctors and the studies put out by reputable researchers paid by the PS’s. All these factors, combined with the persistent efforts of doctors, have been responsible for the fact that breast reduction is such a wonderful way to profit from the demographic of teen girls.


And use of teen girls as a profit demographic works very well, as the girls can be given breast reduction as if it were a normal right of passage. Since all women are young at some time, this assures that breast reduction is maximally employed amongst the group of all women in general. A similar type of thing would be male circumcision, which, by targeting the male infants ubiquitously, assures that the surgery effectively consumes the foreskins of the entire male population.

Breast reduction mammoplasty

Reduction Mammaplasty has been done with very favorable results on teenagers, and on elderly women. There is a high degree of satisfaction with the surgery, even with scars (as opposed the the purple stretch marks and nipples pointing to toes at age 22 that some of us had!). I had the surgery done at 24 and wished I’d done it 6 years earlier.


There are small associated risks such as loss of sensation and impaired lactation later in life, and I do have some sensation loss in my nipples. Certainly not enough to hold me back from anything! But DO consult with a surgeon or 3, or 6, about the risks, the techniques they use, THEIR OWN track records,etc. The surgery and recovery itself was a breeze, having an ingrown toenail dealt with was much more painful.


To me it was well worth the cessation of the back and neck pain, getting rid of the near-constant chafing and fungal infections in the creases under the breasts, the ability to buy “normal” clothes and bras, the nice feeling of being able to go braless without getting my tits caught in my belt… all that stuff. The American medical infrastructure promotes breast reduction for its subset, the American plastic surgery industry. A very big part of the fact that breast reduction makes the PS industry more money than breast augmentation is the fact that the medical industry, which makes many times more money on breast reduction than augmentation, promotes and facilitates the surgery in several important ways.


One of these would be to encourage breast reduction in young girls. The breast reduction surgery is seen as an exception to the rule that girls who are not psychologically or physically developed should not undergo major surgery. The promotion by the medical industry has been instrumental in insuring that breast reduction for teen girls as a group makes the PS industry, which is a subset of the medical industry, about three times the profits made by breast augmentation on that group.

Breast enlargement experience

My ex wife had breast reduction surgery before I met her. She did it for health reasons –although I’m sure vanity played some part ; ^ ) The surgery was pretty extensive, and included relocating her nipples. She said that there was no reduction in sensitivity, her back felt much, *much* better, her self image improved. clothes fit and looked better on her and it was a lot easier to shop and find things she liked. Lord knows she loved to shop.


From my perspective, her breasts were really lovely –no kidding. The scars were virtually unnoticeable –and though I could see them if I focused on it, there was certainly nothing about them that detracted from my finding her, and her breasts lovely and desirable. She had this surgery in Europe 1976. I’m sure the state of the art is much better now. Naturally, your mileage may vary. I’d certainly recommend finding the best surgeon you can find, and talking to some of his patients.


And with any surgery, no matter how routine, there is always the risk of complications. Do your part as a consumer of medical services and gather all the information you need to make an informed decision. I am not convinced my breast size is what is wrong with my back cuz it doesn’t make since. But the doctor won’t shut up about it. I am only 19 I don’t want to have to live with the scars that they leave. I mean I am self consciuos about how ugly I am enough. Should I put more thought into it?. All I can tell you is this. When you mentioned your age of 19 a red flag went up.


While I don’t know any of the details i.e. how severe a back problem you are talking about and what the history has been , it seems at the very least suspect for an MD to recommend any kind of breast surgery to someone your age. I would most definitely get a second and even a third opinion before I made any decisions. I know at least two women who considered this and in later life are quite glad that they did not have the surgery.

Breast reduction surgery for men

What about men who need breast reduction? Clearly, if a man has breasts, it can cause severe emotional handicap in this society. But he can hardly claim physical pain. So men should be denied breast reduction, and yet insurance will easily pay for over ninety percent of the women who want it? What about a woman with one breast two sizes larger than the other?


I really don’t understand why extreme chronic physical pain should be given a higher priority than extreme chronic mental pain. This is not the middle ages. Psychological treatment is as legitimate as is physical treatment, psychological disease as serious as physical disease. That is what psychiatry is about, and psychiatrists are doctors who can prescribe medicine and recommend surgery.


Psychiatrists should be trusted to diagnose the existence of psychological disability, and, if they recommend the surgery, this should be sufficient. Bear in mind that there is a big difference between *cosmetic* surgery and *reconstructive* surgery. Breast reduction is usually but not always classed as reconstructive surgery, but sometimes can be considered only cosmetic. Insurance will cover reconstructive surgery, but will seldom cover cosmetic. The breast reductions are usually done by *cosmetic* surgeons, so there is some confusion.


The disagreement is that breast augmentation is sometimes unfairly called cosmetic, when it should really be considered reconstructive. In theory, cosmetic inadequacy can be a source of emotional discomfort. But the *severity* of this does not entail it as a medical problem. If the severity of the condition reaches a level of intensity that can cause trauma and handicap, then it passes out of the realm of cosmetic and into the area of reconstructive. For example, if ones face gets scarred up in a fire.

Obesity and breast reduction

I plan on doing it the hard way. I was just jokin’ around mostly. I don’t have as much to lose as some folks who post here but it seems like the closer you are to the ideal weight the harder it (the weight) is to go. I have at least lost what Rezulin caused me to gain and am starting to lose the initial weight gain that came upon me 5 years ago with that summer-long period. My glycemic control has been great when following the Zone.


That has been the best thing for my control That and lots of insulin sensitizing exercise. It is a paradox that is what many Cysters need when they are getting out of control, yet because of their symptoms and crummy health, they don’t hardly feel like it. Many are fatigued because of the IR, treat the IR and the energy returns. This (fatigue) was also the only symptom my DIL had that he was becoming diabetic last year.


Only he didn’t realize how tired he really was until they discovered the diabetes, treated it and he started to feel better. He is 71 and could now runs rings around many half his age. :-) A return to control has gave me more energy than I have enjoyed in 5 years. Just knowing what the heck was wrong was the biggest step so I could get the help I need. Forgive the joke about liposuction. I can’t help clowning around and lightening the mood sometimes and I really would not get it and a dr. probably wouldn’t consider it for me since my extra 30-40 lbs may make me fat but not morbidly obese.


No, I’m pretty sure that is not considered a medical necessity. Also I think I’d be really afraid of surgical treatment of depression. Plastic surgeons are supposed to screen patients to try to weed out the depressed people. The patients should be in a good state of mind when deciding to have plastic surgery, so they can make a good decision.