Higher breast mass calls for augmentation

Even a simple act of weighing the breast mass would have confirmed that the non breast body fat content of your supposed friend would have been upwards of eighty pounds of *excess* body fat. The fact that she is in fact obese would expose her to serious drawbacks and risks that could affect her entire future life, physically and psychologically, in the event of surgery.


The effort of these medical industry members to override this important fact is highly predictable and virtually to be expected nowadays, since the PS industry, over a decade of promotion, has established the medical industry as its most significant symbiotic link. When the medical industry creates a system for drawing hundreds of million dollars out of the insurance industry for the facilitation of its own favorite surgery, the insurance companies, which are incapable of manufacturing money, must attain these huge funds (greater than everything spent on breast implants in America) in some way.


Primarily, they will have to rearrange their priorities, so that other needed surgeries, to other needy people, who may need relief from true chronic pain, will be turned down as a result. Thus, so that the medical industry can turn the insurance industry into its ass, perhaps half a billion dollars of other needed surgeries (that do not happen to be breast reduction) are denied.


The insurance companies, in order to fulfill the false and misleading trust in the medical establishment, find themselves not only *not profiting* from this (unlike the doctors, who profit greatly) but exposing themselves to potentially billions of dollars of legal liability should the shit (from denied medical cases) hit the fan

Breast size should be proportional to your height

I’m 5’3″ and just about the same size. Bra buying is a bitch and back problems are common. A friend of mine, 4 inches shouter than I, was a 45 H. Her doc recommended a breast reduction to ease her chronic back pain, but the insurance co wouldn’t cover it until she lost at least 75lbs because her weight was was in the ‘obese’ category.


Problem was *most* of that weight was in her breasts. It took her getting a second and third opinion to confirm that getting the breast reduction would take her out of ‘obese’ before the insurance co would pay. All the insurance co saw was a bunch of numbers, not the person needing the work. It seems that they’re second guessing doctors an awful lot. Another friend needed jaw surgery to correct a debilitating overbite.


The insurance wouldn’t pay. Why? Because it was the same procedure used to correct TMJ, which they didn’t cover. It took the *doctor* threatening to take them to court before they’d cough up the money. As per mom and gynecologist left breast 15 LB right breast 143/4 LB I am not female but i think almost thirty lb hanging off my chest day in and day out will give me back pain. addendum I can lift the front end of a chevy nova.


If mom was having back pain before and it went away after that to me is a pretty good trial. as for the ins industry doing anyone a favor why am i paying so much over time that i will not get back. thay profit in the long run I damn sure don’t.

Relation between breast mass and body fat

The actual relation of breast mass to body fat, in all its specifics and repercussions, can be complex, and confusing. But the relationship between breast mass and body fat may not be at all apparent to the senses or the mind, for a variety of reasons. For example, the bra band measurement, the number in 42DD, tends to show the amount of thickness in the upper body area, apart from the size of the breasts.


This is usually due to padding from fat tissue, meaning at 42 the woman prolly has a *fat* back, chest (pectoral), and/or shoulders. The cup size given, DD, is not by any means a measure of breast mass or volume, any more than the height of an object (like a cone) is equal to its volume. A band measurement of 42 generally means that the woman s body fat content will be many times what we would expect from a similar woman with a band measure of only 32, so in normal terms, there is nothing surprising about the fact that a woman with a 42 band would have a breast mass of several times that of the 32.


There is no guarantee tho that people, including the woman herself, will understand this. Such confusion is only one example of many confusions that can result on this issue. This confusion is most totally and profitably exploited by the breast surgery PS industry. The major target demographic for breast augmentation is white thinnish women, the major target for the breast reduction industry is white overweight women. This division fully profits from any public illusions or misinformation about the actual relation between breast size and body fat.

Breast augementation for the perfect figure

My close girlfriend, who was a double d and had a really sweet little figure, had the procedure done. she definitely needed it. she used to pay about $50 to have special size-reducing bras made and always wore baggy tops. i didn’t realize the emotional pain that she was in until she confided in me and showed me how disproportionate her body was. sometimes, husbands get scared when their wives initiate too much physical change. i don’t know, mine gets upset if i lose weight too fast(although, after this week, he has no cause for concern-oink,oink). i think they get threatened.


Just have him come to a consult with you and maybe the doctors can help him put aside some of his fears. good luck. do what gives you peace. There are other risks and complications of BR, and you should talk to you Plastic Surgeon about this. Every insurance company works differently, we don’ t have that problem here, I just needed a referral – do research on the internet, it is a valuable tool. There are internet groups out there for BR support.


My friend Les moderates one and she reads every message that comes through, keeping out the pervs (we had many problems at other groups) but she does an amazing job… which brings me to my next point, how you made a joke about guys with big balls… I’m not a man hater (for those who may write complaining about this)… but in all seriousness, I don’t care what men say about BR… When the day comes a guy carries two and a half pounds between his legs, then he has something to complain and say about

Breast reduction and weight loss…more on the story

Paranoid fears of every woman in the US being brainwashed into getting their boobs cut off deleted. Look out Anji. I was just WAITING for Spectrum to start posting again when you posted on your breast reduction. Pretty soon, you’ll be accused of being a covert operative for cosmetic surgeons, here to subliminally convince us to get them too. Many of us who’ve been here a while have BTDT.


Prior to the year 1992, marked in history by the silicone implant scandle and the inaugeration of the Punky and Roseanne celebrity shills for the PS industry, the PS empire was held in place by one pillar, that of the great breast augmentation industry. Breast implants were the showcase product of the ever growing, ever fattening, increasingly entropy ridden PS empire. The breast implants brought in an ever growing base of easy capital in and of themselves, providing the industry with the power to promote all of its other products.


The breast implants were like cosmetic candy, with women lured into the habits of cosmetic alteration by their desire to be more beautiful, then coming back to the same surgeons for still more of their services. The silicone breast implant profit making machine was well supported, at its peak, by the American image making machine, the media, with actresses and powerful sexy women serving as walking living showcases for the product. At its apex, the silicone business was booming so much that it had made a very major contribution to the economy of hot bed cities like Houston, Texas and even Los Angeles, CA.

I saw something on TV that made me think

I saw this show tonight on the Discovery Health channel. I think it’s called “Under the Knife”. It’s about plastic surgery. I can’t stomach the graphic medical part, but I was intrigued by the parts where they talk to the people before and after having surgery.Something that went through my head after seeing this: I wonder if the desire for certain people to have cosmetic surgery is motivated by the same sorts of things that can cause other people to have an eating disorder. I mostly wonder, since the people I saw on the show looked fine to me, at least fine enough not to warrant major corrective surgery.


EDs have potential long term health consequences. So does surgery. Why is someone with an ED is considered “sick”, when someone who has cosmetic surgery like liposuction, or a tummy tuck is considered more or less OK and sane by the general population? Surgery to get rid of fat, vs. other drastic methods that ED-ers use to lose weight…


It seems like a fine line to me, between using pills, purging, starvation or surgery or whatever method. I’m not saying that people who have liposuction or other plastic surgery are necessarily “sick”, but I’m considering that liposuction and other procedures can have complications, or even kill people if done improperly.


I’ve read comments on this by plastic surgeons as well as by people in the psych profession. There’s a thing called “body dysmorphia,” which is an obsession with (real or imagined) imperfections in one’s appearance. Some people who experience this have incredible amounts of plastic surgery to make themselves fit their “perfect” standards. Michael Jackson is probably the most famous example of this.

Augmentation for obese women

The line about scars fading is the same as the lies spread by the most obvious breast reduction shill on Usenet, who called himself pug-mom. This guy would promote fallacious notions like there is an advance in the surgery that preserves nipple sensation. Actually, the surgery severs and destroys nerves and glands.

Total sensation potential of the nipples will be reduced according to the amount of nerve damage that occurs. However, shills can, and do, say precisely the opposite of the truth, all to promote the easy profits of breast reduction surgery.. Most breast reductions are done on overweight women. The idea here is to play on the reality that breast size in a standard population is correlated with body fat content, so that therefore, the place to go to get the most breast reduction profits is the group of overweight women.

Then, these women are encouraged to be completely ignorant of the relation between breast size and body fat. They are told that one breast size, independent of the actual size of the body, is good for all. This opens up a very large profit demographid for breast reduction, with virtually all, by a factor of ten or twenty, being done on overweight women. Analysis of breast shill posts on usenet shows that none of the advocates of breast reduction mention the correlation between body fat and large breasts, as a general rule, they quote that someone has or had large breasts with absolutely no mention of the overal body size.

Breast enlargement in teenage males

I will be rooting for you to keep things under control. I think perhaps both my in-laws who aren’t big are what some people call type 1 and a halfs–they still produce insulin, but not enough, not that IR, like much heavier people. I myself am overweight, but not as much as other people, (25-35 lbs) so my pancreas may be a lazy son of a gun, I don’t know, but I do know I have some resistance as well because of the PCO and other indicators.


But like I said, our bodies are such WEIRD things. My own hubby is a skinny type 1. His pancreas has shut down and he has to inject but he is very sensitive to what he injects, where IR type 2′s who inject need to inject more insulin than he does and they may still be making some. My oldest brother falls into this class. I was about the same way until 5 years ago–I suddenly gained some weight and then came the facial hair–


I had a little before that but not like now. This happened along with the summer-long period I had. Before that, I would have considerly myself mildly affected. Since then, things got worse (esp. getting diabetse) but I brought a lot of it on myself doing the wrong things out of ignorance. It is my hope that many Cysters can avoid that road.

Not sure I agree there. Reduction Mammaplasty has been done with very favourable results on teenagers, and on elderly women. There is a high degree of satisfaction with the surgery, even with scars (as opposed the the purple stretch marks and nipples pointing to toes at age 22 that some of us had!). I had the surgery done at 24 and wished I’d done it 6 years earlier.

Different cosmetic procedure for different body sizes

So therefore, would not a large breasted woman have greater protection from injury that leads to back disability from a variety of causes? One also has to ask, is it big breasts that cause back pain, or is it instead big breasts combined with inappropriate posture that causes the pain? Logically, the combination of two factors is very different than just one factor. H2 is way different than H2O. But its easy to see confusion can result.


I for one agree that if a woman has large breasts, she must carry herself in a fashion that suits her proportions, else back pain is very likely.Of course, in many cases like these, the necessity for self-esteem and career counseling cannot be denied in addition to reconstructive surgery. As for purely cosmetic surgery, I think anyone will recognize that in most cases, there isn’t a severe appearance deficit that needs to be addressed. Most women who whine about their nose not being perfect have unrealistic expectations that are derived from fully made-up models in magazines, whose appearance bears little resemblance to reality. In this case, cosmetic surgery rarely helps their emotional condition, as it has very little to do with their appearance. Some women like this, who do have the money to afford surgery, start to go overboard and have one surgery after another in their futile personal pursuit of physical perfection and happiness, which naturally proves to be elusive.


I think most psychologists and psychiatrists would not recommend cosmetic surgery as the answer to the problem, but psychotherapy instead (which I think is covered, but I could be wrong…I’m not an American). Women who fret about their appearance to obsessive extremes are notoriously insecure and lacking in self-esteem and that is a psychological issue, not a physical one. I’m not that upset about my shrinking breasts..


.I can wear push-up bras. And if the time comes that I should want to do some surgical enhancement, I will expect to pay for it because it’s not essential to my well-being, physical or emotional. As for men who will see me naked over the next few years, well, if they can’t accept me as I am, it’s their loss. I think I look pretty damn good for my age regardless, but I’m not about deny that I have worked very hard at it

Neuralgia and breast reduction

I have terrible neuralgia in my neck, shoulders and back; as well as extreme pressure on my hiatus hernia and sternum from my over-sized breasts. My breasts hang heavy and low so that my nipples tuck under the breast. They are also very cystic and this can be quite painful. Bras don’t work not only because the cup size and band size is difficult to find, but because the straps dig deep (no matter what width they are) into my shoulders. This also digs into my carotid artery causing headaches and Lord knows what other damage.


I have began wearing one piece bathing suits (taking out the cups and band) at least this holds my breasts flat against my body so that clothes look normal, and it helps to lessen the strain on my shoulders and neck. But I still get the neuralgia, back and hernia pain. I’ve talked with my doctor about this and he has told me to just find a better bra. LOL. Breast reduction/reconstruction surgery would be a blessing – as well a medical necessity.


Just a thought, isn’t the treatment (surgical or other) of depression caused by low self-esteem or poor body image also considered a medical necessity? Or are we a society that only believes in treating obvious (only what your can physically see) physical ailments. Back pain is a legitimate physical problem that an insurance company would cover. Emotional pain is not. Breast reductions may alleviate physical pain.


Breast augmentation may alleviate emotional pain, but not any physical pain. I have always had some unsightly back fat. It does not cause me any physical pain, so I cannot have insurance cover back liposuction. I think that’s pretty much the same as being flat chested, and I think they both cause only emotional pain and not physical pain, and should therefore not be covered by medical insurance.