Breast reduction foundation

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The breast reduction foundation, on the other hand, works in completely different areas to pull in its profits. It is opposite augmentation, yet it is truly equal, pulling in every bit as much profit to the PS’s as does breast augmentation. The breast reduction industry succeeded in fully recruiting the American medical industry, members of whom now recommend breast reduction over more logical, vastly less destructive alternatives such as weight loss, proper posture, and objective information.


The major demographic of breast reduction is focussed on women that are over weight, as opposed to thin, so breast reduction and breast implants both fully exploit concepts related to female body fat. The breast reduction business also works by female self image manipulation, but in this case, the motives are negative, playing on vulnerabilities, insecurities, obsessions, catalyzing the image damage to women, doing whatever it can to encourage them to see their own breasts as undesirable, physically and emotionally, confirming and enhancing their entrenchment into the powerful medical system. Promotion by the medical establishment has supreme advantages… doctors, highly reverenced and trusted, become most powerful shills for promoting the reductions.


Furthermore, the doctors act as highly efficient facilitators of the breast reduction financing, since medical insurance, or state medical support structures, will abide by the advice of the medical professionals as a matter of faith. If a woman with large breasts who has no back problems wishes to relieve herself of the burdens of negativeness that the PS industry itself has festered upon her psyche, she need merely go to a single medical doctor and simply lie about having back pain, and she will be rewarded for her easy deception by having her insurance pay for the surgery virtually in full.


Meanwhile, as more and more women discover that they will be rewarded for their lies, with no need to fear being caught, the number of women claiming back pain related to their large breasts grows geometrically every year, as if their were some strange epidemic spreading more rapidly than AIDS. Information from the insurance companies and the doctors can then be used to promote the thesis that big breasts cause back pain, as the PS’s do over and over again in various sundry ways.

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