Breast reduction as a result of liposuction

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And I know a surgeon that, over a time, gave liposuction to his secretary, until she had had her entire body liposuction-ed. The surgeon discovered that the total liposuction had caused her to put on weight on her breasts (no where else to go) so he was glad to give her a breast reduction. Insurance was very glad to pay him fully to do the breast reduction that he himself had created the “need” for. Men seeking liposuction need also realize that liposuction can can gynocomastia, also known as bitch tits. BTW, PS’s do both breast reductions and breast augmentations.


Since these enterprises are in opposition surgeons generally do not promote large breasts. Instead they promote *standard size* breasts, and will tend at times to encourage women to get breast implants that are too small for their body. As a result of this and other misguidance, the most common size problem is disappointment with their breast implants being too small, not the other way around.


This kind of disappointment brings the woman around later to upgrade her size, which happens to make more money for the surgeon. Any woman who is larger than average frame and wants a decent boob job is well advised to go to a PS that *does not do breast reduction*, b/c otherwise the PS can misguide them, and is in all probability one who has virtually no skill or experience or potential for doing decent breast augmentations on larger sized women.


Out in Texas, where big implants are really hot, some PS’s avoid mentioning breast reduction in their advertisements, since some women actually realize that going to a breast reduction surgeon for a larger size breast augmentation is asking for trouble.

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