Breast enhancement, insurance, and lawsuits

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The insurance industry is  susceptible to billions of dollars of lawsuits related to the topic of breast reduction. The class action suits would be brought by people who have had their claims denied so that priorities can be arranged to favor breast reduction surgeries. The sheer dollar value of claims that must be denied to coddle the medical industry promotion of breast reduction surgery is quite substantial, in as much that it exceeds the total current amount of private money that is given in the US for all breast augmentation surgeries.


Breast reduction is a much better money maker than augmentation is. The breast reduction industry, as it has evolved in the US since 1991 (post silicone era) favors primarily the subset of the medical industry known as plastic surgeons. Secondary profits from this, not counting kickbacks from the PS industry, are found substantially in other aspects of the medical industry. The system of breast reduction promotion is tribune, motivated by the PS industry, shilled primarily by the medical industry, and facilitated (freely financed) by the insurance industry in cooperation (on advice from) the medical industry.


The insurance industry is thus a very important key player in this whole process, but it must be understood that the insurance companies were literally forced to take on the stance that they have assumed. Medical industry authorities carry a tremendous amount of weight and influence in the American social and economic structure, and insurance companies have traditionally followed the medical authority.


Furthermore, under the actions of the medical industry, insurance companies have been taken to court over this matter, and regards to breast reduction, the legal system has shown a strong tendency to argue on the basis of the medical system. Insurance companies have had no recourse but to turn the other way on this issue, and to go along with it, since the consequences of challenging this matter have proven immense. Therefore, a strong argument can be made that in the event of a slew of class action lawsuits regarding breast reduction surgery, the medical industry would be seen as the cause of the damage that has been done.

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