Breast Augmentation For Useful As Well As Aesthetic Purposes

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Prosthesis to correct breast size and shape is known as breast implant or breast augmentation. Breast enhancement or augmentation is a cosmetic surgery mainly done for aesthetic needs. It is also known as augmentation mammaplasty. Women who seek fuller breasts or enlargements go for breast implants. The procedure is also done to reinstate volume and firmness of breasts due to pregnancy or after weight decrease. The time taken for recovery after breast augmentation differs from one woman to another.


The two kinds of breast augmentation methods are sub-glandular breast implants and sub- pectoral placements. In sub-glandular breast implants, implants are placed above the muscle while in sub- pectoral placements, the implants are placed under the muscle. Recovery time for the former is one month, and for the latter it takes four months for complete recovery. This is because in sub- pectoral placements, the muscle is required to stretch to lodge the implant. The time for breast augmentation recovery varies according to age, body shape and health of a woman.


The days after surgery can be quite painful. Ice packs and cold compresses are advised by physicians to get relief from pain. Drains are placed after surgery to drain collected fluids from surgical area. If the fluid holds there, it can cause pain and discomfort. Doctors prescribe pain killers for the tired patient after surgery. There will be noticeable swellings on the breasts. Within a few days the gauze dressings will be removed and in 7-10 days the stitches will be taken off. During the first few weeks, breasts will be very sensitive due to which physical contact should be avoided. After the lapse of a month, patient can recommence strenuous activities and workouts.


The scar of the incision will be pink and very much visible. However, in about two months it will begin to fade and within several months will fade significantly. The scars, nevertheless, do not disappear totally. The visibility of the scars will depend very much on the expertise of the surgeon who does the surgery. If done by a plastic surgeon with skilled hands, the scars will be rarely visible.


Mastopexy, a plastic surgery done to lift breasts also are similar to breast augmentation surgery. The recovery time for both surgeries is about the same. The recovery time depends greatly on how you follow your doctor’s advice. The instructions of the surgeon should be followed religiously as negligence can cause serious consequences. Asymmetry of breasts, nerve damage, infection, leaks from implant, bleeding and displacement can happen if not proper care is given after surgery. Recovery time is till you are perfectly comfortable with your altered breasts. Breasts may not at all look the way you expected after surgery, however, within two months the results will show.


Breast augmentation surgery though expensive is done world wide. The surgery improves self esteem and confidence of women who had been victims of teasing and distress due to their not-so-pleasing shape. Initially, only celebrities and heroines attempted the surgery, but now women from all countries and cultures are going for it.

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