Breast Augmentation before SRS

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Yes totally, there was only one change, I have a larger throat. It is not very noticeable, except by me, and my ankle. Is probably more dyspepsia oriented? Why did I do it in the first place? Would you recommend your surgeon to others? Absolutely, he did nothing wrong, he made the chords tighter by the only two method available, one at each end. He will not do any other type, like Toby M. was doing. I had him do an Adams apple shave, face, eyes, cheek implants, and probably something else I can’t remember.


This was over a 5 year period with the vocal surge. being last. He is a friend to the gender community and I would recommend him. Would you feel comfortable with saying who did the procedure?  Perhaps this is when I started having second thoughts about SRS. I was so dissatisfied with the outcome that began asking me why I did it, after all I was passing extremely well, I had no reason to do it, other than this incredible urge to buy my way into female Dom.


In an attempt to understand this I quit my previous career and have returned to school studying psyche, sounds appropriate for me in any event. I would recommend SRS, if you are a well-informed consumer, before vocal procedure. Worst case likely scenario is that after SRS you can’t feel anything, but you probably have a 10% chance of undesirable results from the voice thing.


You are right about the info available, I had to research and then found little, and however I am not under the impression that good sound data will stand up against a good case of dyspepsia. Michelle, I don’t know about the absoluteness of the dilation schedule. I’ve read some accounts of people having to find rooms in airports to dilate while flying home. I didn’t do that. I just flew home, took a shower, went to bed, and dilated. So it was 7 hours between dilating, for that one time. It made it a little harder but it wasn’t the end of the world & I made up for it later.

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