Importance of weight-loss pills

The easiest thing to achieve in today’s world is weight-gain. Lifestyles are super-crazy and markets are filled with below-standard pre-packed food. Food products these days contain little to zero-nutritional content in them. These products are bursting with sugars, fats, additives etc. And the worst part is that these products come at a very cheap rate.

People are always looking for an easy and quick fix in every areas of their personal life. Certainly, weight-loss is no exception to that rule.

In the previous few years, weight-reduction pills have gained enormous popularity among the masses, with companies enjoying huge sales and great re-order rates. These pills “offer” to provide one with an easy fix to their weight problems, without hampering one’s busy life.

The thought to exercise tends to scare

But the fact is that there is no real substitute to a healthy eating pattern and exercises in order to maintain a great slender body. There are millions who are so lethargic and overweight that even the simple thought of starting an exercise routine scares them. Negative body image and lack of confidence play a huge factor in preventing these obese people from being close to a gym, with the sheer fear of getting bullied. For these people, weight-loss pills can act like a boon. These pills come easily and one can purchase them without a prescription.

These pills increases the metabolism rate which helps in burning fat naturally. It also plays tricks with the brain by making it to believe that the stomach is full even after having food in smaller portions. Special ingredients inside these pills help in breaking down fats.

Average duration of a weight loss program

The duration of the entire weight-loss procedure varies according to the pills and also from person to person. Some show a loss of 5-10 pounds within one week, whereas some can reduce more than 10 pounds inside that time-frame. There are cases where users lost more than 20 pounds within a month.

There exists some alternatives to pills, but those processes may not result in pleasant experience. An expensive procedure is Liposuction, but the process guarantees no result. Pills reduce far more weight than such expensive procedures and that too, within a short period of time. Liposuction also does not give any guarantee that one won’t be putting weight in near future. That means, one wasted a large amount of money, wasted considerable amount of time inside a hospital and also will be leading the rest of their lives with a scar.

Pills such as Phentermine (available online at Buy Phentermine Online Pharmacy) are quite effective in losing weight in an efficient manner. These pills can be fully trusted and are a considered to be the most result-oriented as far as the diet-pills are concerned.

Things To Keep In Mind Before A Cosmetic Surgery

If you are planning to look into cosmetic surgery, then I am sure that you will have several doubts and questions in your mind regarding the whole procedure, its effects and the expenditure. Here are some of the things that you should be completely aware of before considering cosmetic surgery.


  • The credentials of your cosmetic surgeon: even before you meet with a surgeon, cosmetic surgery calls for a commitment. Therefore it is always recommended that you proper research, (preferably online or ask around) and narrow down your choice of surgeons depending on your needs. Once you have selected your top candidates, make sure that you interview at least three of them on phone or in person. This kind of extensive research will definitely have a great impact on your final choice.
  • Results that you expect from your cosmetic surgery: the basic thing that you should consider while considering cosmetic surgery is the expected result. Most probably you expect to look better and thus you anticipate feeling better psychologically. Though it is true that you may achieve all this, be aware of the fact that it cannot turn you into a new person and that it cannot change your life completely. Thus, it is always better if you discuss your expectations and hopes with family, friends and your surgeon before you sign up for the process.
  • Cost of the cosmetic surgery: cost plays a very big role in your final decision. The costs of these surgeries vary widely, but you can get an average price in your locality or in your state from the internet. Remember that high cost doesn’t always mean that the surgeon is extremely good and that you will have excellent results and that low cost will give you cheap results. The better way to select the surgeon will be to choose based on the skills and qualifications of the concerned surgeon. Cost should be just a secondary factor.
  • Which cosmetic surgery procedure to select: deciding on the cosmetic surgery package that will suit your needs is a difficult process. For instance, you may feel that you need a complete face lift when really an eyelift can give you the desired results. Similar for a specific procedure, there might be several surgical approaches and you may find it difficult to select the one that you need.
  • Possible side effects of the cosmetic surgery: before you sign up for a particular cosmetic surgery procedure, you should be well aware of the side effects and the possible risks. For many procedures, the most common side effects are bruising, swelling and discomfort. If severe side effects like excessive scarring and infection persist, then you should definitely consult your surgeon again.
  • Recovery period after cosmetic surgery: in most cases, a cosmetic surgery procedure will need at least a few days of recovery time. Some procedures even require several months before the results actually start showing and becomes evident. You will have to ask your surgeon regarding how long it will take you to return back to your normal activities after the surgery.


Different Ways Of Breast Enhancement

Professional success and concerns about appearance makes many women go for breast enhancement. We can find around a lot of people around who worry a lot about the size and shape of their breast. There are different methods to improve the size of the busts. There are both natural as well as complicated medical methods. One of the ways that most of the women who need sudden changes in their busts is to go for cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is a preferable method as it takes less time to find changes. But it is considered to be risky. Moreover often it doesn’t bring the desired result. As a result women go for more natural methods. Even the consumption of pills brings in good results. Breast enhancement pills are usually the combination of different herbs like fenugreek, Mexican wild yam, blessed thisle, saw palmetto, fennel, Dong Quai and damiana.


These herbal ingredients contain plant estrogen which makes the breast tissues to grow as during the time of puberty. As it is a natural product the side effects will be considerably less.  Experiences prove that result can be expected within two months while using the pills for enhancing your breast. Some people even use this pill for a longer time as this often brings some other positive changes in the body. The use of these herbal pills has other advantages like lower cost and fewer side effects. On the other hand the surgical method is very costly and may not turn out to be successful most of the time.


Another method of breast enhancement is the use of certain creams and lotions. This won’t prove helpful if used alone. But if the lotions and creams are used along with pills and exercise it will prove helpful. These creams work like the pills. These creams contain a lot of herbs as in the pills. It contains fewer chemicals. These lotions or creams enable the growth of the fat cells in the breast and even in the other parts of the body. This will help in the growth of the breast. With the use of these the breast will also turn out to be smooth and firm. Thus it will not only enlarge your breast but also helps in improving your look.


Another best preferred natural method of breast enhancement is regular exercising. This method is cheapest of all as well. But in order to achieve best results with this method it is necessary to do a lot of hard work and dedicate your self completely. Only regular exercising can bring the best results. There are different types of exercises which you can learn from a trainer. These exercises have to be done on flat surface and you will have to do it in a sportswear. You should be very careful while exercising as it can often hurt your muscles. You can either do the exercises regularly or at least three times a week for better results. It will also help you in improving your posture.


It is better to go for the natural means for breast enhancement. The result might come slowly but the method will be cheaper and will have fewer side effects.

Breast Augmentation For Useful As Well As Aesthetic Purposes

Prosthesis to correct breast size and shape is known as breast implant or breast augmentation. Breast enhancement or augmentation is a cosmetic surgery mainly done for aesthetic needs. It is also known as augmentation mammaplasty. Women who seek fuller breasts or enlargements go for breast implants. The procedure is also done to reinstate volume and firmness of breasts due to pregnancy or after weight decrease. The time taken for recovery after breast augmentation differs from one woman to another.


The two kinds of breast augmentation methods are sub-glandular breast implants and sub- pectoral placements. In sub-glandular breast implants, implants are placed above the muscle while in sub- pectoral placements, the implants are placed under the muscle. Recovery time for the former is one month, and for the latter it takes four months for complete recovery. This is because in sub- pectoral placements, the muscle is required to stretch to lodge the implant. The time for breast augmentation recovery varies according to age, body shape and health of a woman.


The days after surgery can be quite painful. Ice packs and cold compresses are advised by physicians to get relief from pain. Drains are placed after surgery to drain collected fluids from surgical area. If the fluid holds there, it can cause pain and discomfort. Doctors prescribe pain killers for the tired patient after surgery. There will be noticeable swellings on the breasts. Within a few days the gauze dressings will be removed and in 7-10 days the stitches will be taken off. During the first few weeks, breasts will be very sensitive due to which physical contact should be avoided. After the lapse of a month, patient can recommence strenuous activities and workouts.


The scar of the incision will be pink and very much visible. However, in about two months it will begin to fade and within several months will fade significantly. The scars, nevertheless, do not disappear totally. The visibility of the scars will depend very much on the expertise of the surgeon who does the surgery. If done by a plastic surgeon with skilled hands, the scars will be rarely visible.


Mastopexy, a plastic surgery done to lift breasts also are similar to breast augmentation surgery. The recovery time for both surgeries is about the same. The recovery time depends greatly on how you follow your doctor’s advice. The instructions of the surgeon should be followed religiously as negligence can cause serious consequences. Asymmetry of breasts, nerve damage, infection, leaks from implant, bleeding and displacement can happen if not proper care is given after surgery. Recovery time is till you are perfectly comfortable with your altered breasts. Breasts may not at all look the way you expected after surgery, however, within two months the results will show.


Breast augmentation surgery though expensive is done world wide. The surgery improves self esteem and confidence of women who had been victims of teasing and distress due to their not-so-pleasing shape. Initially, only celebrities and heroines attempted the surgery, but now women from all countries and cultures are going for it.

Powerful cosmetic surgery industry

Currently, the PS industry has a powerful ally in the medical industry. Unfortunately, in spite of the powerful propaganda, the decade long promotions, the information propagated by the PS and medical industry can be shown, on standard scientific peer review, to be scientifically groundless.


Furthermore, thanks to the publication of medical shill studies by PS affiliates, the pattern of misinformation and bias can be fully documented under review by psychologists, social scientists, and other individuals that have knowledge of the nature of propaganda techniques and other methods of information bias. This means that the entire PS developed, medically sponsored PS industry is built on a house of cards, regardless of how well entrenched it has become.


It is therefore quite logical that the legal responsibility for the iatrogenic damage caused by the breast reduction industry in the US should, justly, fall on the hands of the doctors who are responsible, not the insurance companies who were forced (by the system) to go along with this. Judging by history, it is quite possible that the PS/medical industry faction will attempt to render the insurance companies as a scapegoat so that they (PS) can be shielded from the consequences. Allowing this to happen would be a legal atrocity.


PS/medical industry sponsorship of this breast reduction money machine has already created major distortions in information, and has taken license to a degree that is virtually unprecedented. Allowing scapegoating to occur, as it did in 1991, will assure that the crimes of deception in the name of industrial profit will be further condoned by society, and will pave the way for the continued and greater growth of this variety of white collar, elitist led crime.

Breast enhancement, insurance, and lawsuits

The insurance industry is  susceptible to billions of dollars of lawsuits related to the topic of breast reduction. The class action suits would be brought by people who have had their claims denied so that priorities can be arranged to favor breast reduction surgeries. The sheer dollar value of claims that must be denied to coddle the medical industry promotion of breast reduction surgery is quite substantial, in as much that it exceeds the total current amount of private money that is given in the US for all breast augmentation surgeries.


Breast reduction is a much better money maker than augmentation is. The breast reduction industry, as it has evolved in the US since 1991 (post silicone era) favors primarily the subset of the medical industry known as plastic surgeons. Secondary profits from this, not counting kickbacks from the PS industry, are found substantially in other aspects of the medical industry. The system of breast reduction promotion is tribune, motivated by the PS industry, shilled primarily by the medical industry, and facilitated (freely financed) by the insurance industry in cooperation (on advice from) the medical industry.


The insurance industry is thus a very important key player in this whole process, but it must be understood that the insurance companies were literally forced to take on the stance that they have assumed. Medical industry authorities carry a tremendous amount of weight and influence in the American social and economic structure, and insurance companies have traditionally followed the medical authority.


Furthermore, under the actions of the medical industry, insurance companies have been taken to court over this matter, and regards to breast reduction, the legal system has shown a strong tendency to argue on the basis of the medical system. Insurance companies have had no recourse but to turn the other way on this issue, and to go along with it, since the consequences of challenging this matter have proven immense. Therefore, a strong argument can be made that in the event of a slew of class action lawsuits regarding breast reduction surgery, the medical industry would be seen as the cause of the damage that has been done.

Cosmetic surgery and money making

Look, go to the Web and look up something innocent that you might want information on, such as breasts, or large size, or BBW’s, or breast reduction. What you will get from your search is a lot of stuff put out by people who are trying to make money. In the case of breasts, you will be inundated by the damn porno industry offerings, which have done their own share of information bias and social pollution.


If you look up breast reduction, you will find mostly (well over 90%) of the so called data is put out by PS’s, who are interested in providing only the information, and only the depth of information, that is needed to sell their services. I find this a real pain, since every one of them provides only superficial information and leaves out various information that women who are considering this need to know, as it could have an impact on the rest of their lives, since breast reduction surgery does create a permanent and major alteration in the body structure.


In order to find information that is not profit approved, one must go to more sophisticated Boolean searches that will filter out most of this profit orientated data enough to uncover any opinions presented by real people that aren’t PS’s. My filters exclude words that are commonly used by medical cliques, but even then, I get a majority of hits that are of PS origin. The fact that it is the profit orientated “information” that is mostly available should not be very surprising to anyone that takes a look at modern reality.


And if you think about it, you will realize that the flux of profit orientated information will overwhelm and inhibit non profit information, and quite likely will act, in totality, to suppress data that could in theory have a negative effect on these profits. Unless, of course, you have a strong bias in favor of your own opinion which happens to conform to profit manufactured information biases of the PS industry.

Higher breast mass calls for augmentation

Even a simple act of weighing the breast mass would have confirmed that the non breast body fat content of your supposed friend would have been upwards of eighty pounds of *excess* body fat. The fact that she is in fact obese would expose her to serious drawbacks and risks that could affect her entire future life, physically and psychologically, in the event of surgery.


The effort of these medical industry members to override this important fact is highly predictable and virtually to be expected nowadays, since the PS industry, over a decade of promotion, has established the medical industry as its most significant symbiotic link. When the medical industry creates a system for drawing hundreds of million dollars out of the insurance industry for the facilitation of its own favorite surgery, the insurance companies, which are incapable of manufacturing money, must attain these huge funds (greater than everything spent on breast implants in America) in some way.


Primarily, they will have to rearrange their priorities, so that other needed surgeries, to other needy people, who may need relief from true chronic pain, will be turned down as a result. Thus, so that the medical industry can turn the insurance industry into its ass, perhaps half a billion dollars of other needed surgeries (that do not happen to be breast reduction) are denied.


The insurance companies, in order to fulfill the false and misleading trust in the medical establishment, find themselves not only *not profiting* from this (unlike the doctors, who profit greatly) but exposing themselves to potentially billions of dollars of legal liability should the shit (from denied medical cases) hit the fan

Cosmetic surgeons and insurance companies

Insurance companies in the United States provide over 90% of the profit to breast reduction surgeons, who make more money every year on breast reductions than they do on breast implants. Early in the decade, a form of PS industry shill which disguises itself as a scientific study (an article shill) was inaugurated to demonstrate, in study after study, that large breasts cause back pain.


Although these studies were often done by reputable employees and even at reputable institutions, and were published in reputable medical journals, it was found that each one of them departed drastically from from standard scientific and statistic protocol, which is totally inexcusable. These studies were also structured in such a fashion as to allow multilevel biasing to occur, part of the radical violation of scientific fundamentals.


Likely explanation for these repeated pseudo studies that all try to prove the same thing is that the PS industry has taken every possible method to spread the idea that big breasts cause back pain, since the back pain thesis is fundamental to the medical insurance profit cooperation that finances the huge profit made by the PS industry. Primarily, they were there to convince the medical and insurance industries of this claim.


Although these studies continue to be repeated, with always the same results that they are designed to prove, the initial studies opened the door toward establishing the medical industry as the primary industry shill for the PS breast reduction profit machine. Utilizing the medical establishment has been, more than anything, responsible for the epidemic of iatrogenic illness that has been created for the purpose of maintaining PS profit margins.

Breast size should be proportional to your height

I’m 5’3″ and just about the same size. Bra buying is a bitch and back problems are common. A friend of mine, 4 inches shouter than I, was a 45 H. Her doc recommended a breast reduction to ease her chronic back pain, but the insurance co wouldn’t cover it until she lost at least 75lbs because her weight was was in the ‘obese’ category.


Problem was *most* of that weight was in her breasts. It took her getting a second and third opinion to confirm that getting the breast reduction would take her out of ‘obese’ before the insurance co would pay. All the insurance co saw was a bunch of numbers, not the person needing the work. It seems that they’re second guessing doctors an awful lot. Another friend needed jaw surgery to correct a debilitating overbite.


The insurance wouldn’t pay. Why? Because it was the same procedure used to correct TMJ, which they didn’t cover. It took the *doctor* threatening to take them to court before they’d cough up the money. As per mom and gynecologist left breast 15 LB right breast 143/4 LB I am not female but i think almost thirty lb hanging off my chest day in and day out will give me back pain. addendum I can lift the front end of a chevy nova.


If mom was having back pain before and it went away after that to me is a pretty good trial. as for the ins industry doing anyone a favor why am i paying so much over time that i will not get back. thay profit in the long run I damn sure don’t.